02-01-13 07:15 PM
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  1. scranusesscrunya's Avatar
    I don't want to give too much away about where I work so I will keep it brief.

    Using the Z10 demo model, you will not be disappointed. Only had it for a few minutes and tried the features I was looking for.

    Full File Manager!
    Transitions in PowerPoint presentations!
    Excellent integration with Box/Dropbox.

    I'll see if I can answer any questions, but bear in mind. I am at work!

    Can't wait to own it!
    01-30-13 05:10 AM
  2. bbzak's Avatar
    While waiting for the launch in just a few hours away, this would just kindle up our energy levels high and high.
    01-30-13 05:24 AM
  3. cardno4's Avatar
    My question is... is the place you work in selling them soon?
    01-30-13 05:28 AM
  4. pittster's Avatar
    What about mapping a network drive?

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9810 using Tapatalk
    01-30-13 05:28 AM
  5. scranusesscrunya's Avatar
    Yes we are selling them in the next few days.

    I can't see a mapping option in the File Manager or setting. I'll keep checking!

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 using Tapatalk
    01-30-13 05:36 AM
  6. scranusesscrunya's Avatar
    It's not liking my attempt to connect to my PlayBook via bridge.

    I am going to start a rumour and speculate that it may need BB10 to work and maybe BB 10 will be announced for PlayBook at launch.

    Again its just me speculating but that would make my day if it was released today!
    01-30-13 05:53 AM
  7. shellnsean's Avatar
    Did you stroke it or kiss it yet? With no one looking??
    01-30-13 05:55 AM
  8. kbz1960's Avatar
    Do you have the 3. version of bridge on the phone?
    01-30-13 05:55 AM
  9. scranusesscrunya's Avatar
    I am storking it in private and not ashamed to admit it!

    I have the version straight from BB10 app world. Perhaps it needs a futher updtae to work, but I prefer to gossip
    01-30-13 06:03 AM
  10. PeterRei's Avatar
    Power Point: very cool, hoped so much they worked on it!
    01-30-13 06:03 AM
  11. scranusesscrunya's Avatar
    Speculation over, got it to work
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    01-30-13 06:12 AM
  12. Frank Castle's Avatar
    Network work drive mapping and SharePoint as coming later this spring.

    Presently you can manage files on the device, MicroSD and Box.net
    01-30-13 06:14 AM
  13. JR A's Avatar
    Does it have BB Balance without BES?
    01-30-13 06:19 AM
  14. r0v3rT3N's Avatar
    For Network Drives try the app Work Drives, it is by RIM.
    01-30-13 06:22 AM
  15. irrebkcalB's Avatar

    (Running for cover)
    01-30-13 06:24 AM
  16. owadkelly's Avatar
    how did it feel in hand?
    01-30-13 06:38 AM
  17. walt63's Avatar
    Are you VZW? Yes No Maybe

    Sent from Bold 9930 #blackberrybychoice
    01-30-13 06:40 AM
  18. D2bleD's Avatar
    Where are you? US, Canada? Etc...
    01-30-13 06:48 AM
  19. addyetude's Avatar
    Are you in the usa
    01-30-13 06:49 AM
  20. scranusesscrunya's Avatar
    @irrebkcalB..... Crickets, same for Netflix before you ask.

    It does feel nice in the hand, perfect weight to it and the back has a nice grip. Although I wish they used the carbon material from the Bold 9900 to give it a more premium edge.
    01-30-13 06:52 AM
  21. Barljo's Avatar

    (Running for cover)
    AFTER HIM!!!! ;-)

    Great news OP, hope that you don't get tracked down in work! Thanks for sharing this.
    01-30-13 06:53 AM
  22. scranusesscrunya's Avatar
    What do you think about this?

    Holding a Z10!-img_00000045.jpg

    Personally I think it makes sense with BB10 seeing how email will be better managed by the mailbox than the OS with IMAP and Activesync.
    01-30-13 06:59 AM
  23. bizzyqu's Avatar
    What do you think about this?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_00000045.jpg 
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    Personally I think it makes sense with BB10 seeing how email will be better managed by the mailbox than the OS with IMAP and Activesync.
    Holding a Z10!-3pw7oy.jpg
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    01-30-13 07:05 AM
  24. jrohland's Avatar
    Nice. It makes a pseudo VPN tunnel from your PB to your enterprise net via Bridge. That is going to be useful for my customers.
    01-30-13 07:09 AM
  25. qbnkelt's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	3pw7oy.jpg 
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    ooooops sorry wrong thread....
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    01-30-13 07:13 AM
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