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    Hello everyone. I was hoping for some help troubleshooting a battery drain issue on my z10. The phone is currently running the official I've had the phone since the first day it was launched in Canada and the battery has typically lasted 12 hours with my average amount of use. Last week I made three changes to the phone and since then I have been averaging about 6 hours of battery life. The changes were as follows:

    Change 1: I lost the charger that came with my phone. Incidentally, I discovered one problem I'd never considered with BlackBerry's shrinking market share.... not only does nobody seem to stock BlackBerry phones in stores anymore, they don't stock genuine BlackBerry accessories either!! For the first time in my history of owning BlackBerry phones I had to purchase a third party charger. I noticed that the phone seemed to charge much quicker than in the past and the batter drained quickly to about 90% but then seemed to stabilize at that point back to a normal battery drain condition.
    Change 2&3: These two changes were made on the same day and came approximately 4 days after getting the new charger. I updated What'sApp to version 2.11.605.2 and I linked my very first Gmail account to my hub (all previous email accounts were via outlook/Hotmail.) The day after I made these two changes the severe battery drain condition started.

    What I was wondering is the following:
    - Is it possible that the new charger has slowly impacted my battery over the last week and that it has managed to halve the battery life and the fact that it happened when the other two apps were updated is coincidental?
    - I remember reading comments that the newest version of What'sApp causes battery drain issues. However What'sApp doesn't appear anywhere near the top of the list when I view the battery monitor in the settings menu. Could it be causing the drain without registering on the battery monitor?
    - Are there known issues with Gmail synching with the hub that may cause the battery drain? If so, are there settings on the phone or in Gmail that can be altered so that the battery drain issue decreases?

    I'm really hoping to avoid the cost of purchasing a new battery but I'll consider it if all else fails. I also appreciate that a large number of people will offer up the solution of installing a leaked version of the OS as a catch-all solution however I'm only interested in running official OS releases on my phone.

    Thanks in advance for any tips and advice!
    06-16-14 07:01 PM
  2. ronfc's Avatar
    I cannot comment on WhatsApp and Gmail since I never used one. About the third-party charger, it would be very nice to know its output. The standard BlackBerry Z10 charger outputs 750 mA, which takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge the LS1 standard Z10 battery. Using a faster charger, let's say, 2 A or even lower, can severely lower the battery life span since it was not designed for it. Higher charging outputs also increases the battery's temperature in temperature not intended, which also takes toll on your battery.
    06-17-14 03:08 PM
  3. blueyestm's Avatar
    Depending upon when you set up your gmail if you clicked sync forever it might still be polling and incorporating all the emails from your acct. As for WhatsApp - I don't use it so I don't know but I know people have complained that it wastes the battery sooo...
    06-17-14 03:35 PM

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