1. blacberry10's Avatar
    First post on the forums and I hate that it has to be such a depressing one.

    With that being said, someone please help!

    To make a long-story short, I had the Q10 and traded it with someone last night for the Z10 as I wanted the larger screen.

    We met up, exchanged phones, I tested his phone with his SIM card in it with no problems. (Both of our phones are locked to Bell). We wiped our phones, switched sims, stuck around for about 10 minutes to make sure everything was okay. After 10 minutes with my SIM card in the Z10 I was satisfied as I connected to the network, was able to text, use the browser, bbm, etc.

    Now to the horror story…I got home, plugged my phone into my computer to update to the newest OS. The update took about 45 minutes, after which the phone rebooted. I went through the initial setup but was stopped at a page that said “Can’t detect SIM card”. I was told by an employee at the BELL store that it could be because my old SIM card was damaged so he tried a new SIM card but it still did not recognize it. I thought this was weird because the z10 was working perfectly fine all night before the update. The guy at the store decided to skip the “Can’t detect SIM card” page and tried to log onto the wireless network to perform an update. The phone turned off, and hasn’t loaded since!!

    When I turn of the phone now it loads to 100%, says Blackberry but then it is frozen on a page that shows the default purple background with no icons, or anything…

    Can anyone please help?!?!
    06-04-13 10:35 AM
  2. pmccartney's Avatar
    Have you tried reloading the OS a second time? Perhaps something went wrong the last time. It happens.
    Try downloading and installing an Autoloader. It's quicker than using Link.
    I would recommend you try this. http://forums.crackberry.com/bb10-le...-3-4-a-812706/
    06-04-13 10:42 AM
  3. jamesharmeling's Avatar
    The above advice is the best advice.
    06-04-13 11:11 AM

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