1. Raging123's Avatar
    Hey CrackBerry,
    I assume someone has a good setup for this so I thought I would ask the question. I have a Z10 and I I'm looking at setting up a monitor (hookup through mini HTMI) that can rotate 90% (showing the full natural view of the Z10) and also hooking up a Bluetooth keyboard to it.

    Can anyone recommend the best solution. Plz provide the Monitor name and keyboard name.

    I have had problems finding a good solution as the monitor has to self adjust or at least have the function to change the view without a PC.
    Touch screen would be nice to but may be out of my price range.

    Please help.
    02-08-14 01:16 PM
  2. seascape's Avatar
    ViewSonic makes decent, inexpensive monitors.

    It's hard for me to recommend something without knowing how you are going to use these accessories. Is this going to be a home office type setup where you sit at a desk with the bluetooth keyboard and monitor in front of you? Or are you looking for gear that is more portable and compact?
    02-10-14 01:55 AM
  3. garychristie's Avatar
    The Playstation 3 keyboard pairs well and it has a built in track mouse

    Posted via CB10
    02-10-14 02:05 AM
  4. Raging123's Avatar
    Hi Seascape,
    I have two applications in mind.
    One is personal, My wife just got her business email added to her BBZ10 (using BB Enterprise). In this case I want a solution for working at home where she can hook in her BB to a bigger monitor eg 17- 19 inch (through mini htmi) and seamlessly link to a keyboard (Bluetooth) so she can use the BB to read reply open email and attachments (Word) etc. edit and send back. This would allow for her to easily access her work info on a big screen without having to login to her laptop and go through the virtual network

    The Second is business. Im building a BB10 solution where a Operations person will be communicating with Staff and clients. I want a way that when the operations person is at there desk they can do the same as above where they can see the info on a larger monitor and use a keyboard. This person is also mobile (I will be hooking this person up to a Z30) so they can take there business with them by simply removing the mini htmi cord and leaving the office.

    I hope this helps.

    Tnx for any input.
    02-10-14 07:03 AM
  5. Raging123's Avatar
    Tnx garychristie. but this will not work for my situation.
    02-10-14 07:04 AM
  6. DrSoupDragon's Avatar
    What would be nice is to have a 'block' which accesses both the HDMI and the USB from the z30 it would need to be straight into the sockets, with one lead the HDMI going to monitor and the USB having the option to go to the mains.
    02-10-14 07:19 AM

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