1. PN009's Avatar
    So... A lot of us here in the USA have been losing out on getting the Z10 at launch. I've spent the past 3 days losing bids to outrageous pricing on Ebay.

    I'm a strong supporter of Blackberry (I'm the only other guy left in my office who hasnt switched to an iPhone other than my CEO) I must say; being bombarded by snide comments from the guys on how the "US isnt getting BB cos we dont want it" & "maybe it'll never make it here" & "who wants it anyway" & "what good is it" is breaking me down. I've held out over the past year patiently...cant do tht much longer. I'm willing to give this another 2 weeks before I take a final call on my next move.

    I'd like to know if there's someone out there in Crackberry Canada who can help us American buyers get the Z10 at a reasonable price. Sure, everyone needs to make a profit and a 10% hike seems reasonable at the most. Please post your ebay store link here and help us support the budding businessman in you. I'd also like to support Crackberry nation by buying the unlock codes from them - so everybody wins.

    I understand the AT&T bands are the same as Rogers - so we know what phones the Big Blue customers need to buy. Any inputs on phones for T-Mobile customers will be appreciated.

    Thanks once again.
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    02-07-13 12:38 PM
  2. LesIsTechSavy's Avatar
    The cost of the X10 is $649 includes a SIM card. I assume when you purchase it out right it is unlocked
    02-07-13 12:49 PM
  3. revtech's Avatar
    Patience, my young padawan; come to the US eventually, it will . . .
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    02-07-13 12:50 PM
  4. PN009's Avatar
    The cost of the X10 is $649 includes a SIM card. I assume when you purchase it out right it is unlocked
    Any chances you'd know of a reliable seller for us to buy from?
    02-07-13 01:02 PM
  5. netwerx1's Avatar
    The cost of the X10 is $649 includes a SIM card. I assume when you purchase it out right it is unlocked
    Don't you have to add like 13% sales tax to that, plus shipping to the US of course?
    02-07-13 01:03 PM
  6. austriker's Avatar
    So there are about 3-4 different threads I and others have been posting in trying to walk our way through figuring out which carriers z10 will give us access to tmobile. Sounds like most of them will however the big point of contention is the new LTE network they are set to roll out soon. Seems no one can be sure which canadian carriers z10 will access it.

    And I agree, Ive been trounced on at work for supporting bb for many months now (people often leave random "bb is dying" articles in my desk in the past) and Im dying to find a white z10 at a reasonable price that will get the LTE

    There are few people selling in the marketplace, check them out.
    02-07-13 01:10 PM
  7. PN009's Avatar
    Hey thanks a ton for the links - I've reached out to them. Lets hope we get some more members to help us with this.
    02-07-13 01:19 PM
  8. narci's Avatar
    I think it be nice to state where you are located in the US?

    A lot of Vancouver people swing down to Seattle or Vegas and maybe a Vancouver CB member could bring one down if it's on their way?

    Also, quite a few Toronto people swing down to Buffalo or even New York.

    Last effort, if you trust a CB member enough, have them buy it for you and when they are in the US, send it to you fedex, UPS or whatever.
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    02-07-13 01:23 PM
  9. narci's Avatar
    Don't you have to add like 13% sales tax to that, plus shipping to the US of course?
    Depends on the province.

    I think Alberta it's 5%
    Vancouver is 12%
    Ontario is 13%

    Sales taxes in Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    02-07-13 01:25 PM
  10. PN009's Avatar
    Excellent Question - I'm based in NJ - approx an hour from NY.

    While you bring up a good point on the trust factor - I'd assume anyone willing to open up an ebay store or willing to travel to NY just to help fellow CB members is worth trusting )
    02-07-13 01:30 PM
  11. lawguyman's Avatar
    I am an American and I've got mine! I'm paid through the nose for it but I think that It is worth it. Just unlocked and working great on AT&T. It is strange to finally have this in my hands after this long wait. Still getting used to the keyboard but I can see how it could get good at this.
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    02-07-13 05:18 PM
  12. joeybee's Avatar
    I am currently selling Z10s for $900USD. The breakdown for this is $650 + 13% tax here + unlock code for $30-40 plus shipping and Paypal fees. There is about $50 profit in it for me after all is said and done which I think is fair for my time and effort. Anyone interested please PM me.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9800 using Tapatalk
    02-07-13 05:27 PM
  13. ScwB's Avatar
    I am selling phones for an unlocked price of $850 all in. Alternatively, you can pay $800 and receive a specific quote for various shipping methods and their costs. I have both black and white Z10's available. PM me if interested.
    02-13-13 03:25 PM

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