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    HELP! phone is frozen will not unlock and cannot open apps or sub hub bar after update

    Yesterday my phone froze and I cannot get into it without restarting but then once I lock it I cant get back in. The lock screen is fine and it displays my messages and notifications but once i swipe up on the lock screen to enter my password the screen freezes. I cant enter my password, When I restart the phone the password works just fine but once I am inside the phone it will not let me open the hub or any of my apps it just does not respond when i touch the screen. I can swipe just fine and look at all my apps and messages but I cannot open them also i cannot access the far left bar in the hub where the sub hubs are. I should mention that after the update I switched my password type to the number slider unlocker password. I think it may be happening because I recently switched to the new password picture thing after the update. If anybody has any ideas as to any fixes or why this is happening your help is greatly appreciated!
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    02-04-14 06:28 PM
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    Have you tried a full restart ? Press and hold the vol up and down buttons together and keep holding till you see the blue logo. Ignore screenshot

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    02-04-14 06:50 PM

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