1. srashid's Avatar
    Whenever I plug in my headphones to the Z10 the sound half the time plays through the speakers.

    The way to fix it is unplug the headphones and plug them back in. Should not have to do this. I even tried tried the manual reset to see if it was an issue with software but still having problems.

    Should I return it for a replacement?

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-13 07:55 AM
  2. srashid's Avatar
    Wonder if it's a hardware or software issue...

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-13 08:01 AM
  3. LP_Rigg's Avatar
    I am experiencing a similar problem. Sometimes through the speaker and sometimes through the headphones. And when hooked up to aux in car it keeps wanting to stop the stream. Also, is only playing out of the left channel. Tried adjusting the input jack to make sure all contacts hitting with no luck. Not sure if hardware or software. I stream tunein in the car regularly and this didn't happen before the last at&t update. Note: This is happening on both tunein and nobex.
    04-19-13 08:04 AM
  4. eddy_berry's Avatar
    I would say yes return it. Could just be a faulty jack. Could also be a bit "sticky" and may go away after some regular usage. This kind of thing happens once in a while. Have you tried it with a different set of headphones or inserting and removing the jack repeatedly to see if it goes away? If you don't want to bother just swap it for a new device. That's what I would do. Much easier. Don't forget to back it up if you do. Good luck.
    04-19-13 08:06 AM
  5. lnichols's Avatar
    Are you using a case, and if so is the case allowing the headphone connector to go in all the way?

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-13 08:35 AM
  6. LP_Rigg's Avatar
    update: Picked up a new stereo plug cable today used to connect to aux jack in car. For some reason the old one, used for over a year with my 9810, would not seat properly on the Z10 no matter how hard I pushed it in and wiggled it around. The new one works flawlessly. BTW the new one is a auvio 3' from Radio Shack and it seats nice and firm on the Z, in fact maybe a little too snug as it was a little resistant to being pulled out which is not necessarily a bad thing.
    04-19-13 10:16 AM
  7. srashid's Avatar
    I have the Leather slip case. Using the Bose ie2 headphones which are not cheaply made. However did try the in box headphones and the audio cuts out more often.

    I have tried adjusting the headphones in the jack but it's very sporadic when the music decides to start playing through the speaker.

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-13 04:38 PM

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