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    Well here it is One year after the Z10 was released and I just want to say that this past year has been one fun wild ride. Being the First to garner myself with this illustrious device was a goal I had set in my mind. To be the first person to hold its sexy body in my hands, to gently caress its screen with many gestures that would make most women melt. Taking a peek at its awesome and most useful hub. Installing sideloaded android apps then installing leak after leak after leak. It has been a rough road for the platform and for Then called RIM and then their name change to a more appropriate Blackberry. From Thor and his awkward ways in which he presented the platform to now Mr. Chen and his go getter attitude to bring our Beloved BlackBerry to the forefront of mobile computing. Now we have native android installs, features that other phone makers copy because well imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. BBm4All for the 'Other' phone users and BBM Channels that seems to be taking off to great new heights. To Today exactly a year after I got my Z10 Before the launch event for it in Toronto. I would like to say a Big Thank You to this community. A Huge Thanks to Kevin, Bla1ze, Simon, Michelle and Adam for staying up late in live podcasts for launch and being the best darn hosts of all events since. And to You Folks, the community that never seems to sleep, is always there to help out with any issues and the fun and witty comments that have gone on. Special Mentions go out to SirJes, Kris, the Leak Teams that have come and gone and come again. Even You Quicksilver get an honorable mention!!!!

    Thank You All for your continued support and Thank You Blackberry for creating my wonderful Z10!!!!


    Happy Birthday Z10-screenshot-303-.png
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    02-05-14 08:21 AM
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    Awesome!!!! Great to see happy posts!!!!
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    02-05-14 08:24 AM
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    to gently caress its screen with many gestures that would make most women melt.
    I have a risqu� picture of my wife on my desktop and when I "swipe up" to unlock I am actually touching her .........ok never mind :-)

    Digicel Jamaica Official10.2.1.1925 release
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    02-05-14 08:28 AM
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    Lets make this front page news!!!
    02-05-14 08:35 AM
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    Same here. In two hours I will celebrate my first anniversary of Z10 ownership. It was a blissful totally worry free and problems free year. Long live BlackBerry Z10!

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    02-05-14 09:52 AM
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    My Z10's retired now, but that little slab of glass and plastic is a year old now, too. It went from at the beginning to by the time I got my Z30, including a ridiculous number of OS reloads in between.

    I still use it to test out things that would wipe my Z30, but I might give it to someone to wean them off of an iPhone.

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    02-05-14 10:06 AM

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