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    I was at my hairstylist today getting a haircut and we started talking a bit about shopping ie. black friday. Then he tells me that last month he got his credit card information stolen off from his Android phone!

    The hackers bought a bunch of wonderland tickets and converted around $1,500 into USD. I asked him "how'd you think this happened?" He said he hasnt used his mastercard for a long time and the only time he used it was to buy those 0.99 cent apps from the Play Store. I'm like "Wow! dont you have any of those anti-virus software on your phone?" he said it doesnt matter, its no use/doesnt help.

    Then I told him I only use and trust my BlackBerry because it's not only secure for protecting my privacy, but also very safe for making payments and purchases off it. Left him a tip and went home.
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    12-01-13 02:40 AM
  2. dierre's Avatar
    Word up tell him the Z10 is only 200 dollars no contract

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    12-01-13 10:04 AM
  3. XyeD_R's Avatar
    One of the major reason i dont have paid apps on my phone because in Pakistan there is alot of credit card hacking
    12-01-13 10:15 AM

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