1. makaiman's Avatar
    I am running, but this question applies to 10.2.1 and et al.

    Just curious, when you first engage your new BlackBerry after loading the new BB10 software on your BlackBerry Device, there are courtesy messages that are new in the hub. One for the Hub itself, one for the texting if clicked on the Text app, and one for the Priority Hub. These are large white messages about the hub and its features that first appear and you can 'x' out of these 'initial' messages and move forward. For testing, I leave them there and was curious, no matter how mundane this is, is that how can I get those initial messages back into the hub? When you load a new OS or wipe a device, after setting up you will see these initial three messages in the Hub, again, one for the Hub, text, and priority Hub.

    Does anyone know what I am talking about, and just curious how to 'bring them back', or if it is just a 'one time' shot in reading inside the Hub what the apps do then forever disappear after 'x-ing' out of them. These are little subtleties that make the Hub simply amazing, but would be more amazing if BlackBerry would take messages like these direct from BlackBerry themselves and place in the Hub to Notify of extreme important issues. Yes, there are many ways to notify, but back to the aforementioned, these initial three messages that appear after setup are of curiosity to me.

    10-27-14 02:54 PM
  2. Morten's Avatar
    The messages are created by the initial setup app.

    You can "recreate" them, by simply doing a security wipe, - and go through the setup again , (and all your apps and accounts etc...) - :-)
    10-27-14 03:17 PM

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