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    Any suggestions as to how to get a Z10 unstuck from the BlackBerry logo screen without having to do a complete (destructive) reinstall? Alternatively, are there any suggestions as to how to recover data (camera pictures) from such device?

    I was installing some apps from the official appworld when things froze up. Each time I did a hard reset (e.g., pulled the battery or held down the power button) the device would reboot but then get stuck at the logo screen. A soft reset had no response whatsoever. And my Windows 7 PC did not detect the Z10 when I connected it via a USB cable.

    I gave up and returned the phone to my carrier. A technician called a day later and essentially claimed that the device was bricked and I would be given a refurbished Z10. He said he had no means at his disposal to recover any of the data.

    Is there really absolutely nothing that can be done at this point?

    There are some pictures on the Z10 that I would be extremely happy to recover from the on board memory (NO microSD card used). For example, assuming I asked for the original device back, would a hard drive data recovery service be able to successfully recover the data? My guess is that even assuming the data could be "recovered" in any sense, the data is useless because of the encryption and damaged system.

    [Vent/rant to follow] This Z10 is the absolute worst BlackBerry product I have used since my first BlackBerry (8703e); this is not the first time I have sent the Z10 back. My gripes with the current product, including BlackBerry Link, are too long to list (e.g., contacts note sorted AND LISTED by last name, buggy duplicate local contacts, etc.)

    In fairness, there is a lot of potential there. But in terms of execution and attention to detail, BlackBerry is really way off the mark. Do they really want to compete in the consumer mobile device market? Or is the organization still absolutely clueless about where to go? I am strongly leaning towards voting with my feet and completely moving to iOS or Android.

    How can a bone stock Z10, running 10.2.0, get bricked simply from downloading a few apps from the official, yet pathetically meager, appword? My bad for not being anal retentive enough to sync or upload the pictures prior to actuating the shutter. "Built for BlackBerry" is such a revealing slogan indeed . . .
    02-23-14 02:57 AM
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    I do not think you can recover you data at this point. Whether a specialized shop can "break" in now is not something I know but I tend to doubt it.

    Your rant is somewhat understandable when you lose data without a backup. And your post reminds me to be a bit more compulsive in that regard.

    I did have it happen back in Nov on my original z10. I did finally get it reloaded after about 16 hours of all kinds of attempts. So I foolishly sent back the replacement. A month later the same problem. This time I accepted a replacement device.

    Good luck with your next move.
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    02-23-14 10:03 AM
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    Thanks for the words and advice.

    Would you mind further sharing what you did during the 16 hours to get things going in the right direction? I might just go ahead and ask them to return my original Z10 untouched and try both my patience and luck. I can't see technicians having any incentive to spend a lot of time to fix a single phone; much easier for them to do a complete reinstall or offer a refurb.

    What kills me is that a regular backup would not have necessarily prevented the situation. Within an hour after I got home from using the camera, the Z10 froze. In other words, uploading the pictures should have been my absolute first priority immediately after taking the pictures.

    It is disappointing that rather than being able to live in the moment and enjoy time with family and friends, we are ultimately forced to become paranoid about the reliability of our BlackBerry devices. Of course other alternatives would have been to sign up for just one more cloud service (Box, on top of DropBox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, etc.) or figure out exactly how to get automatic uploading with DropBox.

    However, where I was at, there were places with no cellular reception, much less Wi-Fi signal. If we think about it even further, perhaps we are just one clumsy fumble, drop, and shock away from losing some precious memories, assuming we did not have the foresight to save pictures to microSD (which BlackBerry of course no longer includes with the phone). My Galaxy Nexus, which I have rooted, repeatedly installed custom ROM's on, and roughly dropped, is quite the trooper compared to our Z10's.

    Normally, I do not get that riled up about losing pictures. But in this case the pictures were taken during a morning hike with my aging mother that I have not seen in a while. It is my own damn fault for not thinking things through and planning ahead. Then again one might hope that BlackBerry could put up a better show than some no name, knockoff device. And what good is a device's security if that device is not reliable in the first place . . .

    Again, many thanks for listening. Any further insight you have is greatly appreciated.
    02-23-14 12:52 PM
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    I hope that I did not give you a false sense of hope. What I achieved over those hours was a reloading of the OS but the device was wiped clean.

    I tried all kinds of methods. Link would not proceed to install the OS. I tried using Sachesi. I pulled the battery and tried each thing again. There's even a Windows Internet Explorer restore. Finally, I got one of the Autoinstallers to see my device and reload an OS. But, again, data was gone. It was like new from the factory. But about a month later it did the same thing. Verizon sent me another unit.
    02-23-14 01:44 PM

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