1. slugger23's Avatar
    What's up with geotag not labeling my pictures? Have had this feature on for over a month and not one photo is labeled. And yes I do have coverage when taking photos. This feature worked flawlessly on my bold.

    Posted via CB10
    04-29-13 01:42 PM
  2. RoboticGolem's Avatar
    Not sure what to tell you. I didnt even think about this feature on my z10, enabled it when I saw your post, and it worked fine with mine.

    ...on further investigation. It didnt have altitude on my picture. Not sure if it was supposed to.
    Last edited by RoboticGolem; 04-29-13 at 01:54 PM. Reason: missing altitude
    04-29-13 01:52 PM
  3. slugger23's Avatar
    It's just supposed to have the city. Don't know why mine is not working.

    Posted via CB10
    04-29-13 01:59 PM
  4. KDB84's Avatar
    I've found that the lat/long is embedded in the picture file - just can't access it on the Z10. Once the picture is off the phone onto the computer, I could go to the picture properties and see the coordinates. They've got some work to do on this yet.
    04-29-13 02:09 PM
  5. RoboticGolem's Avatar
    Maybe it's something that will be addressed in the 10.1 update.
    04-29-13 02:21 PM

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