1. Rob79's Avatar
    I am switching back to my z10 from the s4. I have a lot of pictures saved on the memory card under separate folders. I have about 6 different folders. When i add my memory card to the z10 it just shows the pictures all together and very random. Is there something I need to do on the s4? I need help as i would never be able to separate the pictures. Thanks guys
    01-30-14 02:29 PM
  2. Azensun's Avatar
    I assume you have all your S4 pictures backed up to a PC or other storage means? I ask only because when the Z first came out, many posters recommended that the Z be allowed to format the memory card. It works but you should have a backup just in case.
    01-30-14 02:40 PM
  3. Rob79's Avatar
    I do have the pictures backed up. It is ridiculous how it backed up, every emoticon, avatar, everything backed up. You are saying to format? Why cant I just swap the card from one phone to another. Just need some more info
    01-30-14 02:52 PM
  4. Azensun's Avatar
    By formatting the card, the Z indexes the files into its preferred structure. I don't remember all the technical stuff behind it, but when I swapped my card from my Torch into my Z, it was the only way the Z would read the card. Crazy, I know, but I guess it just comes down to OS file structures and operation requirements.
    01-30-14 03:03 PM
  5. fernandok's Avatar
    I used the card from my Note 10.1 on my Z10, did not format the card and I have the same folders as was on Note 10.1.

    Posted via CB10
    01-30-14 03:13 PM
  6. Rob79's Avatar
    Stupid question but when you format the card I thought you lose all the pictures. This is honestly the only thing holding me back from switching phones. I just want to be able to tap into whatever folder I want without searching for hours
    01-30-14 03:15 PM
  7. vgorous's Avatar
    are you using the picture app or file manager to browse through your folders?

    Posted via CB10
    01-30-14 03:18 PM
  8. Rob79's Avatar
    On the z10 it is the picture app
    01-30-14 04:18 PM
  9. FF22's Avatar
    The Pictures app will show FOLDERS under the photos Folder as separate albums.

    I am just now going to test creating a folder under the main structure and see what the pictures app shows.... Interesting. It shows that new folder NOT within photos folder, as another album. So you can be somewhat free form. But there may be limits to where it will search or find such separate folders. The z10 and other bb10 devices keeps its Android related stuff in the MISC folder and subfolders within it.
    01-30-14 05:57 PM
  10. FF22's Avatar
    Stupid question but when you format the card I thought you lose all the pictures. This is honestly the only thing holding me back from switching phones. I just want to be able to tap into whatever folder I want without searching for hours
    FORMATTING will DELETE/ERASE/LOSE all info on the card. So back up before you do anything drastic.
    01-30-14 05:58 PM
  11. Rob79's Avatar
    I want to take the card out of my s4 and show exactly like that on the z10. Is this possible. Its just a bunch of pictures jumbled
    01-30-14 08:33 PM
  12. FF22's Avatar
    I don't know. You have to experiment since you have both devices.

    Maybe the Android device is more forgiving and you can place/save pictures in the Folder generally used by the Z10????
    01-30-14 09:30 PM
  13. Rob79's Avatar
    I have no idea what to experiment with. The s4 has them saved correctly. I do not have to do anything on that phone. The z10 has them a mess. I know I can make separate folders and add the pictures that way. That is not going to happen, way too many pictures. Frustrating
    01-31-14 07:21 AM
  14. FF22's Avatar
    How does the Android device save photos? In a specific folder or folders? How does it determine where?

    As indicated, the Z10 can save photos either to the sd card or internal memory. It will save them in the "camera" folder. That folder will be mirrored (kind of duplicated but not really) in the internal memory, under Misc/android and then some additional folder name or names (both upper and lower case).

    After you take pictures with the z10, they are all in just the camera folder and can be moved as necessary to create albums. Since I only have the one device, it works reasonably well. But then again, I use my Canon S95 more than I use the Z10 and the camera saves them in folders by a date identity.
    01-31-14 11:20 AM

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