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    Earlier this month, I signed up for FreedomPop phone service. I rarely talk on the phone and knew the 200 minutes would suffice for what little I do.....however, I did expect FreedomPop phone service to actually allow me to talk on the phone....right? I mean its a phone service...that is intended to be run on a phone.....but, I guess I was wrong....partially....While I get the data working...and text working.....getting it to make phone calls on my HTC Evo 3D is a no-go! I have rooted it, installed at LEAST two different ROMs and its NOT letting me place PHONE CALLS! What sense does this make? So, I thought to myself....if I install the FreedomPop app on my Blackberry Z10, will it work?? Sure enough, I installed the FreedomPop app on my Z10 and tried to place a call....the call worked! Isn't it interesting that the Blackberry 10 platform can run Android apps better than Android phones!? This is not the only time this has happened....i've had other apps, such as Plants vs Zombies and Plants vs Zombies 2 work on my Blackberry 10 phone that hasn't worked on my partners Android tablet!
    06-19-14 09:12 PM
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    Ha, that is pretty interesting. Wonder why? Go BlackBerry! LOL
    06-21-14 08:32 AM
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    Andriod is just way to fragmented my local sotre is still selling andriod 2.0 phones for example (they're dirt cheap though).

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    06-21-14 09:48 AM
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    I have had Freedom pop (both devices-one is lte/3g and the other is the older 4 G (Wimax) that Sprint still has) and I can make calls (sip/voip only with any of my phones that I setup with voip, I have used the Freedom pop devices for quite a while. Freedom pop runs over Clearwire I believe and Sprint rents those lines too. I can use any of my blackberry phones (wifi calling only as this is sorta like a voip call that uses data packets for calls) and any of my Android phones (only when using voip/sip calls). But, I cannot make regular non voip calls thru Freedom Pop. Both Freedom Pop devices only gives us data where regular phones calls don't work. The Z10 and Q10 work via freedom pop if one has wifi calling as in TMO. THe Z30 won't make calls over Freedom Pop unless a sip/voip package such as "Taki" is used as the Z30 does not have native wifi calling on TMO. Once you buy one of the two Freedom pop devices, you will get 500 MB FREE every month for life. Awsome!

    Freedom Pop has an app? This is new to me and I will check it out. I know that they introduced some kind of phone plan via one of their devices but I have not checked them out yet but will do so. Thanks OP for your input.

    Dang, I downloaded the app onto my Android phone and it works!! I could call out and call into my Freedom Pop phone number. This is awesome and a nice addition to both of the Freedom Pop devices I have! I just tested this new Freedom pop phone call via wifi on my Android Razr M (I don't have this device provisioned over any provider). I tried doing this with my Z30-I could call out but could not get called. I think the reason probably is that I used the same sign in on both phones.
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    06-21-14 10:15 AM
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    I didn't try calling myself but I could make calls on my Z10. When I tried texting myself it went to my Evo 3D but that may be because I was signed in there

    EDIT: Flashed a different ROM to my Evo 3D and FreedomPop is working fine now. But still wish they would make it BlackBerry native. I only got that Evo for FreedomPop and to be honest, the Lumia 520 is a better phone. I never thought I'd be saying that about a Windows phone. Lol.

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    06-21-14 03:44 PM

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