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    When inside "Now Playing" which shows the current song being played, a tap on the Back button takes you back to your play list. But, when inside Now Playing, hold and drag down from the middle of the screen, to 'peek' into your playlist for the next song. Plus, your volume bar now appears on the top of the screen. * don't bash if this isn't something new. I just came to know about it*

    Curve 9300 > Bold 9900 +> PlayBook +> Z10
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    04-16-13 11:24 AM
  2. calircr's Avatar
    nice, didn't know about this feature.
    04-16-13 11:40 AM
  3. JMDBERRY's Avatar
    Nice find! Thx....
    04-16-13 07:49 PM
  4. wgtcarlos's Avatar
    This is cool!

    Posted via CB10
    04-16-13 09:36 PM
  5. Nonpareil's Avatar
    Nothing new, but worth noting. Good one.

    Posted via CB10
    04-16-13 09:42 PM

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