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    Before you all get up in arms and grab your pitchforks and shove " it doesn't have the hardware capable of supporting Fm radio". Here me out

    In another thread talking about Fm radio and the z10 it was confirmed stl-001 has the hardware (Texas instrument) so that's a given and true. If you continue reading that thread someone indicated that the snap qualcomm for stl 2 3 and 4 actually does have the hardware with links and all that jazz, could it have been stl 1 they took apart and said it was the other models? I'm not sure. But they provided more links to even the snap dragon qualcomm site indicating that yes it does support Fm radio.

    Now here is what I think may be happening with BlackBerry if stl 1 does support Fm radio can someone with the update that came out today let me /us know if you are able to listen to the radio on it? Or is it blocked for you guys as well?

    If that is the case and it is blocked, I'm not sure of the logistics here but could it be that Fm radio has a patent on it and thus BlackBerry would need to license it? Given that blackberry written off the z10 probably in the millions, did they decide let's not waste licensing fees on the z10 for the Fm radio cause it would be a waste as they haven't sold as much as they liked. But just to make the fans not upset and say yeah z10 doesn't have the hardware so don't complain. (but ppl who took it apart showed that stl1 does support it) stl 234 I'm jot so sure of someone with more knowledge can chime in.

    Whereas the q10 and z30 they didn't produce on masses and wouldn't cost to much to license the Fm radio.

    So where does that leave us? Well I just want to again ask anyone with the stl 1 with the 10.2.1 update to show us if you have radio support or not. If not then maybe it could be what I said. If they do have support them maybe it actually is a hardware thing.

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    01-28-14 10:58 AM
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    Well, I was one of the advocates for the FM Radio on the stl-1 but alas it never came.
    Running the official 10.2.1 now and it's not there.
    Really wished it was.
    Someone once said that though the stl-1 has the hardware required, Blackberry will not enable it because of the other z10 models so as not to loose at that end.

    Blackberry Z10 / official
    01-28-14 11:06 AM
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    Yeah I would have really liked the Fm radio as well. But that's interesting that stl100 isnt supported, maybe it is just a licensing issue but they won't admit it

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    01-28-14 11:40 AM
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    So I'm home now and did some researching.

    Here is the specs given for z10 by BlackBerry:
    Another website that gives the chipset id
    Couple websites all had the same id for stl 234 snap dragon

    Now when I go to qualcomm own site it shows Fm support. Now is there anything else needed hardware wise? We have the antennae we have the input outputs.


    And after reading a lot more information the samsung s3 has the identical chipset as us. But on those forums it seems the European versions are unlocked while the US s3 Fm radio are disabled.

    I used to just believe the folks here and believed that when they said we don't have the hardware it meant we didnt have it. But after a little bit of research I'm inclined to believe otherwise.

    Here is a samsung s3 forum on sprint talking about it and it's one of many if you Google it.

    So what gives? Why isn't there any love for z10?

    Can someone give me concrete proof were missing something hardware wise?

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    01-28-14 06:17 PM

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