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    Well I must say first off, I am impressed with this machine!! It's clearly a huge step for Blackberry for sure!

    I love its sleek design and the touchscreen/tap is way better than an i5! Swipe features are great and I love the hidden menus!

    Other loves - COPY/PASTE, amazing web browsing (it's super crisp and clear and FAST), un-hiding password as you type, magnify, select multiple messages to delete.

    Sideloading - enough said! This is probably the best thing ever!
    Goodness knows I have felt completely out of the loop from 'all that is cool' because the Blackberry app market has historically been so dismal. This feature certainly helps!!

    It's taking getting used to, to locate where things are and it's taken a while to find certain settings but a number of hours later, I got myself up to be up & running.

    For example - there are a few ways to add your email accounts to your device, and settings like email account signature settings are not in the same place as the add email account setting in Setup.

    You'll be pleasantly surprised where certain settings are, but at the same time you may wonder why the setting isn't somewhere more obvious.

    It was a bit of a task to get migrated from OS 7 to 10, since the 'desktop manager' apps are different and don't integrate. I had to use the SD Card method to get my contacts and text messages to copy to the new phone.

    Portrait/Landscape is a bit of hit/miss. Some apps allow it and some don't. I haven't quite figured that out yet.

    Default email address - I have 5 accounts coming in to 1 device. It seems that the account I'd like to set as default isn't appearing in the account list. Another tweak I haven't been able to figure out.

    Few surprises:
    No more BIS - I was expecting to log on and send service books but realized that's been done away with! So creating email accounts from scratch was a bit of a task (since I had 5 email accounts coming in to 1 device)

    Loss of att.blackberry.net account - I used that account as default for messages I had no intention of storing on a gmail or yahoo account for example. I believe you can forward messages from your blackberry.net account to another one, but I haven't tried to do this yet.

    And of course - no Green LED signal! I know long-standing BB users are split on this, where people can take it or leave it - but that GREEN LED was my lifeline. It was my signal to either check messages or leave my phone alone.

    No option to delete messages from Handheld only or both Handheld & Mailbox - I'm seeing other threads of users who have managed to set their Z10 to delete messages from the phone and from their email inbox but I have yet to master this.

    No hiding folders or apps - I used to hide certain folders to keep myself from accidentally accessing certain apps or setup options in previous OS versions. With OS 10, I don't see a way to hide folders or apps. I have moved the folders to 'pages' 2 and 3 so that I'd have to swipe to the page first before accessing the folder.

    No unique tones for each email account - Now, no matter which email account you receive a new message for, the tone is the same for all accounts. In previous OS versions, you could set a different tone for each email account but OS 10 is much simpler in this sense. You have a tone indicator for Messages and for Texts - and 1 tone only for each, that's it.

    Some may think my 'surprises' is just me being too picky, but I think we've all grown to love the unique and super-customizable ways we were able to use our Blackberry's over the years. I get the need for Blackberry to simplify the UI and make it easier for a larger population of people to use it, but I think long-standing power users may be a tad disappointed at some of these unique configurations that are slowly disappearing.

    All in all, I'm super happy with the device and the OS. I don't intend on returning it to go back to OS 7 but I would like to see a feature or two come back in upcoming updates.

    It's a keeper

    PS - if anyone has any shortcuts to things I haven't been able to find yet myself - your help is MUCH appreciated !!! thanks!
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    03-23-13 09:35 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    thanks for the review! keep the reviews coming everyone
    03-23-13 01:14 PM
  3. arvind1983's Avatar
    Glad that you are enjoying your new Z10.
    03-23-13 01:28 PM
  4. delmerelm's Avatar
    Ordered mine from Verizon yesterday should be here on the 28th. Super stoked
    03-23-13 01:48 PM
  5. BernFlo's Avatar
    Another 24 hours WITHOUT my Z10! V E R I Z ON !!!

    Enjoy yours, I'm sure the surprises will be addressed in time.
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    03-23-13 02:58 PM
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    Well here is a review i found but didn't want to create a whole new thread for that is in line with this thread's review since it seems that the reviewer had less than 24hrs with the phone...his review is less than favorable for the z10 and seems to lean on "issues" that i've never heard of...it's from the L.A. Times... But here is an excerpt...

    " The slight frustration with Hub, though, don't compare to those of BlackBerry 10's lock screen.

    I handed the Z10 to some of my colleagues, and it took most of them a couple of minutes and a handful of hints before they finally figured how to unlock the device and start using it.

    Users have to swipe upward from the bottom of the phone toward the top to unlock and start using the device. It's not obvious to most users, and the screen doesn't flash helpful upward arrows until after users swipe around aimlessly a few times.

    Once past the lock screen, it's also not obvious that users have to use that upward swipe motion to get back to the phone's home screen after they open up apps. Users learn and remember the action after a while, but at first, with no home button or icon like the one on the iPhone and Android devices, it can be a little confusing."...


    If i had to guess i would say the reviewer spent about 20 min. with the phone before submitting his review, i'm compelled to write to the content editor of the newspaper and demand a more thorough review after more than 30 min of use by their reviewer.
    03-23-13 03:13 PM
  7. TimJohnSmith's Avatar
    @omega supreme. Can you post an complete link for that review?

    Posted via CB10
    03-23-13 03:25 PM
  8. lilminx's Avatar
    Since these days, phones don't typically come with a User Guide, I've found BlackBerry's tutorials SUPER helpful!!

    You can access some of the demos in Setup > Learn How on the device.

    But this site has the full gamut of tutorials
    BlackBerry Z10 Support - How To Demo BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Help 101

    ... and specifically one about touchscreen 'gestures' ... which if said person who wrote that 'review' had taken the time to watch the video beforehand, would have come to understand it's not all that difficult

    Touch Screen Gestures - How To Demo - BlackBerry Z10
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    03-23-13 03:31 PM
  9. LordCrankypants's Avatar
    Things like how to unlock and make use of gestures are covered in the excellent tutorials that were placed on the phone to run at initial startup.

    It's clearly a new way of doing things, and when trying to get your friends on board, simply handing them the phone and telling them nothing about how it works isn't the way to do it, nor does it make the phone unintuitive. You've got to demonstrate how the phone works. Ice gotten more than a half a dozen of my friends on board with BlackBerry 10 because I showed them how the phone works.


    Posted via CB10
    03-23-13 03:32 PM
  10. Mic_JP's Avatar
    since these days, phones don't typically come with a user guide, i've found blackberry's tutorials super helpful!!

    You can access some of the demos in setup > learn how on the device.

    But this site has the full gamut of tutorials
    blackberry z10 support - how to demo blackberry z10 smartphone help 101

    ... And specifically one about touchscreen 'gestures' ... Which if said person who wrote that 'review' had taken the time to watch the video beforehand, would have come to understand it's not all that difficult

    touch screen gestures - how to demo - blackberry z10
    this is a great tutorial! Thank you :d
    03-23-13 03:42 PM
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    @omega supreme. Can you post an complete link for that review?

    Posted via CB10
    I thought i did. Does it not work?? ... Here it is again ... Review: BlackBerry Z10 delivers, but doesn't stand out [Video] - latimes.com

    ...oh i see what happened, my mistake...i'm using my playbook to copy and paste and it has it's issues when doing so.
    03-23-13 03:54 PM

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