1. psmith0803's Avatar
    I'm sure glad they got around to updating the link , we've been waiting over a month for that two way outlook sync via usb upgrade....o wait.....IT'S STILL NOT WORKING.

    Two times in two days I really thought I was going to start getting somewhere. First the failed what ever you want to call that 1mb Verizon update and now this. You talk about leading people on only to give them a #12 boot to the crotch.

    I love my Z10 it's a great phone but after the beat down I took on the Storm 1 and now this I just don't know how to keep a positive attitude towards BB. Weather you blame Verizon for their what seems like incompetence in rolling out updates or BB for putting out a phone missing crucial functionality the bottom line is being Beta Testers for free sucks.

    I'm sure this thread will fill up with a ton of people saying I "cloud sync and it works great". Let me tell I was 100% opposed to them but set one up and tested it fully and to call it a workaround is generous. It's clumsy, it's slow to upgrade from the device back to outlook.com, and you get the joy of either not having your to-do bar show the correct calendar or keep two calendars running. Not to mention it's really hard to set up and get working correctly.

    Ya I'm having a bad day and the tease of a Link upgrade that did nothing really put me in a super sour mood..thanks BB.
    04-26-13 09:59 AM
  2. MDinFL's Avatar
    Update didn't work. Crashed midway. Had to un install the partially un installed program and then install the one downloaded from BlackBerry

    Posted via CB10
    04-26-13 11:25 AM

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