1. meggs C's Avatar
    I am trying to help my husband fix his Blackberry Passport . . .it is stuck with the blue circle complete screen with the message " finalising device setup". Nothing happens nothing changes and it has been frozen in this mode since last evening. I tried the whole hold the volume up and down buttons together and the phone turned off and when I turned it back on again it resumed the same finalising device setup thing again. Any help would be appreciated. Meg
    06-05-17 10:32 PM
  2. joeldf's Avatar
    So what were you doing before it got to that point?

    More background info would help us figure out what happened.

    And, if this was on a Passport, why post in the Z10 forum?

    A mod may have to move this.

    06-05-17 11:20 PM
  3. meggs C's Avatar
    hey sorry stupidly didn't even check on right forum list. in answer to what he was doing on the phone before problem occurred he was attempting to open his calendar and the loading circle appeared it then faded. He attempted to close and restart the phone with the power button and then this is when the in finalizing setup screen appeared. Thanks
    06-05-17 11:34 PM

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