1. gac1_99's Avatar
    When do BlackBerry intend to give us the ability to file sent emails on BlackBerry 10?

    This basic functionality has always been available on every previous BlackBerry that I have used. I do not understand why it is missing from the new OS. I am a BlackBerry supporter, but am seriously considering moving to another platform because when I get back to the office after time away I have to spend ages filing sent emails. It makes the Z10 halfway to useless!

    The ability to hide sent emails on the handset may be useful, but it is simply not good enough. Please bring back the filing functionality urgently.
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    02-13-14 05:03 AM
  2. pick1eberry's Avatar
    File attachment sending has *always* been apart of BB10. In fact if your running 10.2 .1 the paper clip icon (file attachment) is on the same screen as your email?.

    Z10... next Ontario!
    02-13-14 05:21 AM
  3. bobshine's Avatar
    Sent emails had always been filed. Not sure what you mean

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    02-13-14 05:26 AM
  4. KCXLT's Avatar
    Not sure if this is what you want to do :

    Hit the blue BlackBerry Hub banner, select your email account to expand it, select the Sent folder. Hit the three dots in the bottom right, hit select more, pick any emails you want to file. Hit the File icon on the right.

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    02-13-14 05:59 AM
  5. gac1_99's Avatar
    I can do this with emails that I receive. However, the filing option does not appear for emails that I have sent. Yesterday I upgraded to OS but I still can't find an option to file emails that I have sent.
    02-15-14 04:55 AM
  6. gac1_99's Avatar
    I want to file my sent emails into individuals mailbox folders, rather than leaving them in the 'Sent' folder. I can file emails that I receive, but cannot find an option to file emails that I send.
    02-15-14 05:51 AM
  7. xdoomx's Avatar
    KCXLT answered your question. Check it.

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    02-15-14 06:34 AM
  8. BobWalker's Avatar
    There's a nice little app called Email Archiver that OP might like.

    I've found that flagging works great. It's extremely easy to find emails after they've been flagged, and you can do all kinds of crazy cool stuff with them in Remember. That is a really killer app, I'm finding.
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    02-15-14 07:28 AM
  9. gac1_99's Avatar
    KCXLT may have given me an answer. Unfortunately, on my Z10 there is no File icon available when I select sent emails, regardless of where I select them from!
    02-16-14 11:20 AM
  10. DanceHike's Avatar
    Bob Walker is right. Once you flag a sent email, that is where you can set up folders by name or topic in which to store sent emails.

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    02-16-14 04:01 PM

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