1. Tyler Nellissen's Avatar
    I've had my Z10 on AT&T for about a month now and I have begun to notice a few bugs and/or weird things. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten this and if they are working on a update that should fix some of these issues.

    1. Sound sometimes stops working randomly. The phone won't make a sound, notification sounds on, nothing works, only solution is to reset the device.

    2. Related, music player stops working. I was listening to music when I get a notification, then the music player stopped working entirely, couldn't play or pause anything, it just froze on a track. I closed the music player and opened it again, no change. Solution was to reset the device.

    3. Recently viewed pictures duplicating. In the recently viewed pictures section of Pictures, often my pictures are doubled side by side. So instead of pictures of Cat, Tree, Car it will display as Cat, Cat, Tree, Tree, Car, Car. Very odd, seems random and seems to fix itself without device reset.

    The most annoying is the sound issue. Anyone else experiencing these?
    04-22-13 11:45 AM
  2. anon(1152406)'s Avatar
    I've noticed 1 and 3 although not often enough to really bother me

    Posted via CB10
    04-22-13 11:50 AM

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