1. Davids_cj's Avatar
    I have searched here for answers so apologies if there is a thread I missed.
    I don't have a Z10 yet so cannot experiment.

    I don't use Facebook, twitter etc so can I hide those icons away in a folder or is there some residual stuff left hanging around in the hub. Not the end of the world but if I am never going to use that stuff I would prefer to hide it away!

    With the hub, is there any way to make a business section or business hub and a separate section for personal? It just seems a bit odd if you have one message from a girlfriend saying come round for sex,,,,,, sitting next to a mail from the boss chasing accounts or whatever.

    Forgive me for not understanding the finer points of email set up and names. I have run a small business for nearly ten years so don't really want to change email accounts or names, they work just fine! All I know is the incoming mail server is POP3 and outgoing mailserver is SMTP. No idea what that means but that comes from a service provider and it works fine. From reading on here it seems previous BB phones have collected these emails and delivered to my phone using something called BIS which is not used on Z10. So will Z10 give me the same fast seamless control of my emails? A good feature was being able to delete non important emails using the phone so when I get back to the PC the rubbish is already gone. Is that still okay?

    Thanks for any help
    05-08-13 02:58 AM
  2. Monal Patel's Avatar
    I am currently using Blackberry torch 9810. At time it hangs and stops working. Then I have to switch it off and take out the battery. After few minutes, put the battery again and start the handset. Does this problem also exists with Z 10?
    05-08-13 05:18 AM

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