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    I'm notorious for being impatient and impulsive and it's not uncommon for me to dismiss a far off product in favor of one that's already on the market that I'm curious about. It happened with BB7 which I didn't feel like waiting for and bought a Nexus S, it happened with the Nexus 7 which I skipped and bought a PlayBook (though I'll be buying one later this week) and if not for an unfortunate turn of events, it would have happened with the BB London which instead I would have bought a Nexus 4 (anyone else catch the pattern? :P) The day I go to Google Play to buy one all Nexus devices save for the 32GB N7 go out of stock for who knows how long. All T-Mobiles are out of stock, too. It looks like I'll have no choice but to wait until the London goes on sale to make the final decision (the N4 likely will go on sale again before then, but it'd be so close that I may as well wait).
    Now why did I give up on BB10 you ask (just go with it)? Well, I've done a thorough analysis (an explanation of which led someone to purchase thousands of RIM shares) on every scrap of information available about BB10 and while I liked the ideas, I wasn't the biggest fan of how they were used and couldn't be sure enough that they'd eventually be worked into a form that's more favorable. Then there's the design language: while it looked quite nice at times, it often looked a little bland and rigid and didn't always fit well with my favorite interpretations of modern software design. Finally, I wasn't very confident that the apps that I rely on would be available (many of them are Google apps and they flat out said that they aren't developing for platforms with small user bases). While there is a chance of a Google Search app, I really can't go without the rest.
    It looks like I'll actually have to give the London a fair chance (as in actually getting some hands-on time with the finished product and seeing all the features and apps available at launch). Honestly, I'm not very confident (there's the app thing again, Google Search/Now is by far the best feature I've ever used, and gesture typing is a dream), but it could have something that I'd prefer not to live without. If I end up not buying the London, it'll be because I didn't fancy the full package over what the Nexus 4 offered and not because I'm impatient.
    12-17-12 09:03 PM
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    I'm having the same difficulty. My next phone is Spring 2013. For me it comes down to yes, apps. But with a twist. Not only are all the apps I want to use already on Android, but they stand a better chance of getting future apps because right now developers of big company apps usually give iOS and Android their first (and often only) attention. Being future-proof is definitely something to consider. You see, not only does BB10 need to have initial developer interest, but it also has to show everyone that those developers stay to continue to improve and fix their apps in a timely manner instead of just releasing apps - and then forgetting about them while they continue to work their iOS / Android versions. I won't be ready to pass my personal judgement on BB10 until the end of 2013. I like android enough that I'd be ok taking a pass on BB10 for another 2 year term just to see how well they sit after maturing for a while when my Spring 2015 phone upgrade comes.

    I'm also invested a fair bit into Android apps anyway. For $350 + $250 =$600 out of contract I can get fully into the Android Nexus experience on phone+tablet and both devices are very up to date. My phone/tablet experience with Blackberry won't be as up to date, even if they threw BB10 on my PB in Feb. (which they won't). The phone/tablet combination is something very important to me and my needs.

    My last and most recent consideration is Google Now. It's just that good. Especially how it seamlessly meshes everything it can do with your Maps, Nav, Calender, phone/sms/FB/twitter/Gmail. It's like the BB10 hub on steroids. IMO, the way it continues to evolve and do more things every couple of months that it's out, it's a very viable unique competitor to the unique features BB10 showcases, like the Hub, and Peek/Flow UI and has the potential to surpass those. I love the QNX based swipe UI concept a LOT. But damn... Google Now is freakishly amazing enough for me to continue to poke a home button for 2 more years for sure.
    12-21-12 03:31 AM

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