1. z10whiteFactoryUnlocked's Avatar
    I've looked through all of the threads, but havent seen anyone with this particular issue. First off, I used to have the Q10, and the emails worked fine. I ordered the unlocked z10 from blackberry.com because they dont make the white ones for Tmobile.

    Now my Gmail works fine. The godaddy account sets up perfectly at first and retrieves all of my PAST emails, BUT does not receive my new ones after setup? WTF is goin on here? I do the regular setup, not the advanced setup. Thanks if you have some solutions.
    03-03-14 10:41 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You device being unlocked has nothing to do with it, not really sure why you felt to include that but leave out other vital info based on your GoDaddy account but whatever.

    You're gonna need to provide more details on how exactly you have you GoDaddy account set up. Is it based on your domain? Is it hosted exchange or just the base email option? Is it Office 365 email hosting?

    Of course, you could also just visit these links as well if you're really not sure of that info or don't feel like giving it up. Hope that helps and you get it sorted, seems the most plausible answer is to use the advanced set up but again, i have no idea what type of email account you have because you never told us.

    03-03-14 11:15 AM
  3. Ken_GoDaddy's Avatar

    I'm with GoDaddy and came across your post.

    As @Bla1ze stated your device being unlocked shouldn't be affecting the email. However to get a better idea of what may be occurring it's good to know what type of email plan you are using, as well as the settings you are using. Feel free to send me a private message with additional information about the email plan your using.
    03-05-14 03:01 PM

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