1. Russell_hughes's Avatar
    Is it just me having Facebook notification problems on the or is it a known issue?

    Posted via CB10
    05-01-13 04:08 AM
  2. aragone79's Avatar
    Nope, I don't. Btw, it's glad to see such beautiful Facebook on Hub. Love it.

    Facebook notifications on 10.1-img_00000179.png

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    05-01-13 04:11 AM
  3. q3rista's Avatar
    Same here, I can't receive instant Facebook notifications, and it only syncs when I open Facebook app.

    I am running os as well.

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    05-01-13 04:53 AM
  4. tstrike34's Avatar
    Yes I am having the same problems as well.
    05-01-13 05:07 AM
  5. Jeremy Dartigalongue's Avatar
    I have the same problem, I have to wait 5-10 minute to received the notification + One conversation is still show as unread even though I saw it many time and set it as read with the menu doesn't work.
    05-01-13 05:42 AM
  6. x_mini's Avatar
    Me too, even update to the latest version of Facebook
    05-02-13 12:23 AM
  7. blackberry-pimp's Avatar
    I just tried wiping my device and reinstalling the 10.1 leak without doing a restore. Still having this issue. I don't know what gives. I installed the latest FB update and no luck...really frustrated..
    05-02-13 05:08 AM
  8. deebo550's Avatar
    The update just now to Facebook fixed it for me

    Posted via CB10
    05-02-13 05:35 AM
  9. x_mini's Avatar
    i also wiped my device and restore only contact. the rest of the apps i do manually download.
    now it works, got notify as normal and real time.
    05-03-13 01:35 AM
  10. sarahrich's Avatar
    Not getting notifications when they come in either.

    Posted via CB10
    05-03-13 01:39 AM
  11. xxlmira's Avatar
    Count me in, I'm missing notifications as well. (
    05-03-13 01:49 AM
  12. Akbar Bahar's Avatar
    Same, i have the same problem. i don't receive an instant notification of facebook. (
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    05-03-13 06:25 AM
  13. moralcode's Avatar
    Same issue! And there's no sync interval button in the phones setting to choose if you want the notifications pushed at different time intervals

    Posted via CB10
    05-05-13 11:50 PM
  14. moralcode's Avatar
    Hey guys!

    Found a fix! Go into app world and my apps, then update facebook worked right away for me!

    Posted via CB10
    05-05-13 11:57 PM
  15. kaizvn's Avatar
    Hey guys!

    Found a fix! Go into app world and my apps, then update facebook worked right away for me!

    Posted via CB10
    It didn't work.
    I found a problem that you remove your facebook account in settings => account, and open facebook app again : now you cannot login, the keyboard wasn't showed.
    05-06-13 01:17 AM
  16. Daveensannie's Avatar
    Have no problems all come instantly

    Posted via CB10
    05-06-13 01:37 AM

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