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    Facebook Fail...-img_00000194.jpg

    Multiple instances of the same facebook account. No idea what's going on here.

    For some reason it's being duplicated. If I uninstall the facebook app, remove the account from my z10, and reinstall from app world, it adds both of them back.

    I can toggle either of them on/off in hub management, but they still show on the hub side panel. Doing the '5 swipe' thing and resetting the hub doesn't work either.

    Anyone have an idea of how I can fix this? I figure I'll have to do a wipe and reinstall, but I would really want to do a backup and restore along with that......and I'm hesitant. I have a feeling it would just backup both instances in the hub and then when I restore I'll be back in the same spot..
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    04-28-13 04:22 PM
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    People still use Bookface?

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    04-28-13 04:24 PM
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    People still use Bookface?

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    Ill assume your being serious...yes, hundreds of millions of people "still use BookFace"

    No idea OP. Maybe report it to someone from BlackBerry on twitter. @BlackBerryDev would be a good start. Sorry I cannot help you troubleshoot the issue.

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    04-28-13 04:44 PM
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    Cool, I'll try going the twitter route....
    04-28-13 04:47 PM
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    Okay so I managed to get this all sorted. Decided to do a backup/restore first, and if that didn't work, I'd try a backup/wipe/restore.

    Loaded up Link and began the backup, it got through media np, but then failed on settings after 3%. My z10 still had the duplicate facebook accounts upon reboot. Decided to try a restore from a backup I did just over a week ago. It got through media np, and again failed on settings after 3%. However, upon reboot, the duplicate facebook accounts were gone and everything was back to normal. Just had to provide my passwords for my associated accounts (emails, facebook, twitter, etc).

    No idea what caused this to happen in the first place, but if anyone else has this issue, hopefully they'll find this helpful.
    04-28-13 05:58 PM

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