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    I'm new to the community, however I do read crackberry quite a bit, I've just never started a thread or responded to one, etc.

    Anyway, I bought my Z10 the day it was announced and have loved it dearly since the day I bought it. But there has always been one problem and it's with Facebook. When someone comments on a status of mine or I comment on a status and someone else comments on that status, the comments are not viewable in the hub. I'll get a notification saying "So and So" and commented on your status but I'll go to view it and the comment won't appear in the hub or in the Facebook app. So I'll give it about ten minutes go back into the hub or the app and there the comment is so I can reply to it. In serious cases (meaning I just don't see the comment) I'll use Facebook through the browser (not as personal of an experience however)

    Could anyone give me some suggestions or is anyone else having this problem?

    Does anyone know if the side loaded android version of Facebook would sync in with the BlackBerry 10 HUB?


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    10-29-13 11:36 AM
  2. Skrypno's Avatar
    Hi Kris,

    Welcome to the community! Have you try deleting the facebook app and reinstalling it?

    I was experiencing similar issues a couple of months ago and I deleted and reinstalled facebook which fixed the issue.

    Try it and I hope it helps you in the end.

    10-29-13 11:49 AM
  3. Smylie94's Avatar
    Hello Thanks for your response, and sorry about my much delayed one.

    I actually ended up, upgrading to the Z30 and I'm not having those problems anymore. It could have been all sorts of issues, but I had tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no success. Although it is no longer an issue anymore as I have the Z30 and not only am I not having this problem anymore but I love this new phone!

    11-28-13 11:07 AM

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