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    Yesterday i've been helping through playbook video chat my 75+ parents to to the first configuration of the z10. they know the playbook a bit, but haven't been exposed to bb10. i indeed saw a 200 euros new stl-002 on amazon uk, and thought it shall be better than trying a cheap galaxy or a lumia 520.

    Selecting the country was a pain (why such a big dropbox...). my mother often went on the top or bottom edges when swiping on the list, as she was not willing to hide too much of it, and wasn't using swipe acceleration and inertia.

    the tutorial explains, the gestures to get the application menu and the running application screen. no explanation of the navigation principle. so that they were not identifying the bottom
    Action menu as buttons, but once I told them, the sheet with action menu on top (cancel/ok) where missing their attention to find the button. I've found some helping videos on the blackberry website, but they are listed by name, no pictures to give a hint of what they teach.

    taking picture was the first thing they were looking at. at least i've managed to explain them how to add an email account. sad that the bb id once configured doesn't follow up with email setting, because it is quite likely the main email address in use, at least having more setting steps to configure the email and social networks during the initial config would maybe be a plus to quickly populate contacts, and don't be scared by the setting menu with having an immediately functional hub. But then they were happy having easy sharing of the picture.

    we managed to exchange contacts in bbm but with pain. It didn't react to our bbid, but at least worked with the pins. But no bbm video... Whilst there is no issue for me calling their playbook from the z10 on the wifi, the bbm video button dont show up. major disappointment for me as i was hoping that screen sharing could help assisting them.

    and being used to featured phone, they were already worried of how difficult it would be to take a call, and even more frightened to make a call but no sim card at first (feature phone has large sim). I now the big benefit of sales in shop is that the vendor insert the sim and do the configs...

    So yes the learning curve is steep, and can be discouraging. and it looks impossible that sales to this can of consumer can be achieved through online purchase without the active evangelism of an existing bb10 consumer.

    That being said a motivation from the evangelist was bbm video with screen sharing. And the point is moot for now... Maybe because of bbm version in use, as they didn't update to 10.2.1, and 10.2.1 anyway didn't come with the latest bbm. i cant easily upgrade because despite being in eurozone, the country i reside isn't served by blackberry world...

    i had the joy of having my phone blocked by blackberry because of it before i managed to get them to fix it, but only after having wiped my phone only to discover that blackberry link wont restore the app. Link has deserved low love from the users... The sad point is that using a hidemyass proxy doesn't seem to work anymore. Will have to wait to visit a neighboring country to get my apps back.

    Jakarta may help staying in the consumer area, but this is not an easy conversion going to z10, and there may be room for improvment to ease that, not only with working on the os itself, but also to help the new users in their first steps. What are your thoughts on this?

    02-06-14 05:46 PM
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    There is, like with anything, a learning curve. Some will experience a steeper one than others.

    As far as your comments about BBM screen sharing, I'm unclear.

    I'm sorry you and your parents are experiencing problems with the OS. It will get easier. You said it yourself, there is a learning curve.
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    02-09-14 07:16 AM
  3. tgtallinn's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply

    Well progressing on their learning curve, but still no BBM video. A key motivation for BBM video is the screen sharing. This is a differentiator, else I can as well use skype. But with screen sharing I can watch what they do and it makes it far easier explaining, supporting, and teaching phone or apps usage.
    02-10-14 04:01 PM

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