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    my exchange calendar has the wrong time zone under edit function shows all appointments as wrong time zone. Help
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    03-22-13 03:19 PM
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    Maybe you are having the same issue as discussed here:


    If you are...Good luck!

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    03-22-13 03:25 PM
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    Help. I tried Go daddy support and no luck.

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    03-22-13 05:26 PM
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    Bump Sorry. The calendar appointments say that the time is shown in local time but made in a different time zone.
    I called Godday who is the host of the hosted exchange and they say it is not on their end?
    03-23-13 05:16 PM
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    All of the research I ever did on this points to it being some kind of communication issue between exchange servers and BlackBerry devices. I'm far from expert on these things. I eventually gave up trying. I spent hours upon hours with PlayBook support trying to figure it all out. I have posted in forums everywhere. No real answers. It only seems to affect me if I add a calendar event on one device then edit it on another. I just try to avoid doing that now. I also see that warning on some of my calendar events "This event was created in GMT but is displayed in local Time". If you read through the entire thread that I referenced you will see the sequence of actions that reproduces the issue for me. Are you doing something similar to see the same problem?

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    03-24-13 12:03 AM
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    yes I am. I use outlook on my desktop computer at work to connect to Hosted Exchange Server (Godaddy) and then I use the new Z10. I use both to create and edit appointments and really rely on this. This will be a real pain. In fact I wonder if Android has the same issue or not? I hate to say it but it is very important for me
    03-25-13 10:04 AM
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    My wife has an iphone also connected to Office 365 Exchange Online. I have her calendar integrated on my Z10 as well. Events that she creates on her iphone show on my Z10 in GMT. Events that I create on my Z10 show on her calendar in GMT.

    It seems that when the event is created and sent to the server, the server converts the time to a "GMT Equivalent", but when it comes back to the phone, the phone doesn't convert it back to local time, if that makes sense.

    The fact that both BB10 and iOS calendars are programmed to warn us of this via a disclaimer on the event details, tells me that it is some kind of limitation of Exchange technology that isn't going to get fixed anytime soon. My old BlackBerry 9900 did not warn me the same way as what is seen in the screenshot below. My wife's iPhone displays a similar message too.

    Exchange calendar wrong time zone-img_00000369.png

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    03-25-13 11:37 PM
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    I have also seen people discussing the same sort of issue with gmail.

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    03-25-13 11:39 PM
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    Here is a good article that explains how exchange handles time zones:


    So when creating a new calendar event on your BlackBerry, once it hits the exchange server it gets converted to UTC which has the suffix -0700 or whatever the offset is for the originating time zone. It's like that suffix gets removed somewhere in the translation if you then re-open that event on the BlackBerry.

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    03-25-13 11:55 PM
  10. Andrew4life's Avatar
    Was there ever a fix to this?
    I got an email that was supposed to be at 12pm - 1pm, but my BlackBerry Z10 thinks it's from 2am - 3am.

    I get the message. "This event is dispalyed in local time, but was created in (GMT-0500) Eastern Standard Time." with a little globe beside it.
    Really weird since we are both in the same city.
    The correct time is displayed when I view it in Thunderbird (my desktop email client), or on Gmail webmail.

    04-21-13 09:04 PM
  11. kevinnugent's Avatar
    I'm having this exact problem on my new Z30. Dammit.
    12-17-13 03:34 AM

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