1. mehraneniac's Avatar
    hi friends .
    i have a bad problem with signing in to my blackberry ID .
    when i enter my username and password , i see this message :
    " Unable to sign in to blackberry ID .
    make sure that you have set the current date and time and try again ."

    in date and time setting , i set "auto update time zone" and "set time and time automatically" on . and i'm sure that the time is correct , but this error shows again and again ...
    i even do security wipe , but , nothing good happened ...

    what should i do ?

    [blackberry Z10- Os]
    01-08-14 06:35 AM
  2. redchilli88's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry!

    Although it may not be related to your issue, I've noticed that you're on version so as a first step I would a do Factory Reset:-

    Restore your device to its default settings - User Guide - BlackBerry Link for Windows - 1.0

    and then update to the latest version 10.2.0.xxxx unless the Factory Reset gives you the 10.2.0.xxxx:-

    BlackBerry 10 Software Updates - New Update Software for BlackBerry Smartphones - Canada

    and let's see if you still have the error code 35.
    01-08-14 07:11 AM

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