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    I love the new Z10. I just have a couple of questions regarding how email is handled in the hub:

    1) When I receive a new email in the hub (main screen) and I want to save it, I file it into one of my Yahoo account sub-folders. But when I try to clear the hub (main screen) by deleting the email shown, it also deletes the email saved in the sub-folder. I am not sure if I am doing anything wrong, but is there a way to save files in the folders and keep them there even after the original is deleted from the hub main screen?

    2) This may also relate to Item 1 above, but from the hub I don't seem to be able to see any of my emails saved in my Yahoo folders via my laptop or other devices, even those saved within the last 30 days. I can only see those emails in the folders saved via the hub itself, but as long as I also keep the original in the main screen of the hub ( see Item 1 above). Is there a way to be able to see the emails saved by other devices in the Yahoo folders from the hub?

    Appreciate any help I can get.

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    05-11-13 07:01 PM
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    You can see emails that you have moved to other folders. Do not delete them from the hub view (you should see a "Folder" icon next to it) -- that deletes them completely.

    To sync the folders and see them, set them up in the hub. Go to hub settings, email accounts, choose the email account, then go to Edit Folder Settings. You should see options to choose your folders.

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    05-11-13 08:59 PM
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    From the Hub, go to the overflow menu (3 vertical dots). Choose Display and Actions. Change "Show filed messages" to off. Then, your messages you have filed into a sub folder won't show in your Hub, but will still be available.
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    05-11-13 09:25 PM
  4. KR2013's Avatar
    Thank you both for the quick response. I followed your instructions and double checked the E-mail account settings for both my Yahoo and Google accounts. All sub-folders were already clicked "ON" for synching. Then I checked the "Show Filed and Sent Message" display settings. Sent was off, but Filed was on. I thpught that was most likely why the sent emails didn't show up in the hub, but the Filed ones did! Anyway, I turned that off too. So far so good. I thought that would solve the problem.

    I then did the test. I sent an email from my Gmail account to Yahoo. Received it in the hub and immediately filed it in one of my Yahoo folders. Then started checking things out. First checked my Gmail folders, and saw the email in the Sent Folder. So, no problem there. Then went to my Yahoo sub-folder and saw it saved there. Again, good! Then went back to the hub, but the file was still showing there. So, looked like the file was saved/filed, but did not disappear from the hub, which is what I was expecting after turning the setting off. Anyway, again I seem to have two choices, leave the incoming mail in the hub forever or delete them. And if I delete them, the ones filed will also get deleted from the filed/saved sub-folders.

    Am I still doing something wrong?

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    05-11-13 11:17 PM
  5. Ecm's Avatar
    No, you're not doing anything wrong. Occasionally items get "stuck" in the Hub. The next thing to try is to reset the Hub. Take a look at this for the method.


    Give it a try.
    05-12-13 12:41 AM
  6. KR2013's Avatar
    Tried the reset (5 swipes). It did reset the hub (that was good to know, thanks!), but the email is still in the hub. I checked my Yahoo email account via a couple of other devices/computers, they all show the email in the saved folder, but none shows it in the Inbox. So, at least I know the filing/saving of the emails from the hub works. I just have to figure out how to clear it from the hub!

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    05-12-13 01:40 AM
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    I just found out that my Gmail account in the hub seems to be acting okay and per the settings described in my last post, meaning that when I receive an email on the Gmail account and file it, the one in the hub disappears. But, not so when I receive an email on Yahoo. So, the problem seems to be specific to the Yahoo emails.

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    05-12-13 08:51 AM
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    Okay, looks like the problem has been solved. After realizing that the Yahoo account was the one having the problem, I went ahead and deleted the account and re-added it back. It works now per the settings mentioned.

    Thanks guys for pointing me to the right direction. I couldn't have figured it out without your help!

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    05-12-13 09:15 AM
  9. cjcampbell's Avatar
    Proof that asking questions and not venting gets answers. Thanks to all who provided help to the op and thanks to the op for asking for help in a manner that garners interest in assistance.

    Not only did I learn something new, but I didn't have to wade through negativity to do so.

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    05-12-13 09:30 AM
  10. Ecm's Avatar
    Glad to see that everything worked out OK. Just awoke and read your posts. I was going to suggest deleting/re-adding the account -- glad to see you did so already.

    Enjoy your new device.
    05-12-13 10:35 AM
  11. KR2013's Avatar
    Thanks! Despite the learning curve and some minor issues here and there which will hopefully get fixed in subsequent software releases, Z10 is indeed a pleasure to use. And, this is coming from somebody who switched from iPhone 4......!

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    05-12-13 10:57 AM

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