1. Marcin Marciszak's Avatar
    I have few problems. Btw hello everyone. i bought z10 in orange in poland, i turned it on, i configured it and then the update process stocked for about 2 hours. I googled about autoloader, i used it, and it turned on....BUT..... i dont have about 50% of programs which should be in standard in this phone. I cant add facebook account in account adding, i dont have this to click, i have only emails etc. and subscribed calendar, dont have option to add facebook account, twitter account etc.... i dont have alarm, and many other programs, dont know what is going on... i updated it do, then i tried to downgrade it and now i have, the model is STL100-1.

    Please help me, ASAP..
    10-19-13 11:58 AM
  2. ESCON's Avatar
    Take from the Forum. After the autoloader and update (Skip BBID ) Perfom the first setup and do a Security wipe!!!! After that (20 min or longer) do just the setup this time with all informations like BBID ... Then give the phone some time so cool down ;-)
    10-19-13 12:09 PM

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