04-21-13 03:32 PM
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  1. DNRuffin's Avatar
    The new devices are nothing like Os 5 Os 6 your arguments are not relevant if you're comparing legacy devices to the latest from the competitors. Nobody is mad at the op but people who are happy and loving their BlackBerry are tired of the disinformation being spread about the Z10 which may turn away potential customers.

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    How is it misinformation? If the OP has problems with his phone why shouldn't he let people know? If your phone works, great for you, but to tell people to not be upset when they pay hundreds of dollars for a device that malfunctions isn't a good look at all. People in this thread are fuming because the OP is complaining about something not working for him. If I had problems, I would let it be known too. The excuses for BlackBerry are so tired. It is a multi-billion dollar company. I don't see why people defend them as if it's okay for them to anger customers with malfunctioning devices. If they get a bad rap from it, it's because they have lazily sat aside instead of trying to actually fix the issues. They brought all of this on themselves.
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    04-20-13 03:57 PM
  2. calirevolt's Avatar
    People are taking minor issues and blowing them up. We have a free market. If it's not for them , return it and get a new device from the market. It's disinformation because if you looked on this forum you'd think the Z10 is full of issues, when in fact, it's the best piece of mobile technology on the market. I had a chappy I phone but I didn't spend my time on the Apple forum trying to convince everyone that their phone sucks, I just went back into the market place and bought a new phone.

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    04-20-13 04:07 PM
  3. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    True but don't forget the ones working on the assignment for 4 years or more still haven't got it right either.

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    Completely agree... but again, the others have less to lose.
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    04-20-13 04:09 PM
  4. MasterOfBinary's Avatar
    I disagree. There's nothing really "new" about the smartphone industry. They added software features, but the technology has been around forever now. Elementary issues that are known to the Z10 now simply should not happen. It's like purchasing a TV and automatically turns off, nobody cares that it is the first Toshiba GK3948, don't sell me a TV with issues PERIOD.
    Totally agree. Because iPhones are perfect too, and Android phones are perfect, and Windows phones are perfect, etc. Nice.
    04-20-13 04:10 PM
  5. anon5387384's Avatar
    Kanye I would feel the same way you feel if I had the same issues. The issues you are experiencing are certainly unacceptable for even a first gen version of a new phone. The fact that you are having the same issue with two different carriers and two different phones must indicate that you have uncovered a bug by the way you use your phone. You must be doing something the majority of us don't do. In my case, none of my colleagues at work including me have had any issues of this sort. I am sure blackberry support would be very interested in how your phone is setup and how you use your to help them diagnose this issue.

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    04-20-13 04:19 PM
  6. mset's Avatar
    Will someone please put a stake through the heart of this pathetic thread?
    Why? It's the most relevant thread in the past few weeks. There seems to (finally) be a growing backlash against all the ridiculous fanboys who respond to reasonable, obviously non-troll reports of problems and requests for help with

    "Mine's not doing that!!" "Problems? What problems?. There are no problems with this phone!!" "You're a troll!!"

    I'm on record as a huge BBRY fan who wants the company to succeed, and I believe they're going to make it, although I also believe that at a certain price, they will be taken over.

    However, let's not suggest that because the original iPhone had no cut and paste, all the Z10's flaws can be forgiven. This is 2013, and 2007 might as well be 1897 in terms of the pace of change in the mobile space.

    There were some serious mistakes made and they clearly released the phone because they knew that they couldn't credibly delay any more.
    04-20-13 04:34 PM
  7. IgotsThis's Avatar
    People should be doing their research to know what they were getting into then. No excuse, you don't just go blindly buying things.

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    04-20-13 04:42 PM
  8. johnjones8519's Avatar
    Actually all phones have problems when released even the iphones and nothing will ever be flawless so that shouldn't have been anyone's expectation even with the delays.

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    Yes all phones do have problems upon release but the z10 has major problems I love the device don't get me wrong and I will deal with the bs because I love the features of the phone but you have to understand why some people are very upset a lot of folks spent there hard earned money on this device and at a premium price point which the z10 is we should expect better
    04-20-13 04:43 PM
  9. Sexy Sadie's Avatar
    The only issue we have here is grown ups complaining.
    04-20-13 04:44 PM
  10. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    People should be doing their research to know what they were getting into then. No excuse, you don't just go blindly buying things.

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    Agreed. I'm sure most of us here do. It's good advice.

    But does BBRY really want people to have to spend all that research time, in this season of super phones? I think, to a degree, they need the majority of impulse buyers to be happy in the long run.

    Just some food for thought.
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    04-20-13 04:49 PM
  11. IgotsThis's Avatar
    Still bro not like extensive research but atleast a few reviews even if they are biased, one or two videos. I would never ever buy anything without researching first. I just don't see how you walk in to a store after seeing a phone commercial and saying "I want that One!" it doesn't make sense to me.

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    04-20-13 04:52 PM
  12. calirevolt's Avatar
    My phone has been amazing. No problems here. People need to **** or get off the Pot. No amount of complaining on an unofficial website is going to make you like your phone. Either return it, and get a new device, or learn to deal with your issues. By looking at the customer reviews and feedback on twitter more people are happy with their device than not. Looking at this forum you'd think this phone sucks. Which is doesn't and never has.

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    04-20-13 04:56 PM
  13. IgotsThis's Avatar
    If some phones are working and some aren't then what does that tell you? Somewhere along the line when they were being mass produced they messed up on a few, they can't control that, they shouldn't let that happen either though. Like I've said before, carriers try to customize the OS and end up ruining it, like Verizon which has the most issues from what I've seen on here.

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    04-20-13 04:57 PM
  14. T_Touch's Avatar
    It makes no one feel better by telling me that it's ok to have issues because it's a first generation device and comparing it to the original iPhone. First of all, the iPhone was the first of its kind, it had no real competition and even with its issues, it was much better than everything else out there.

    Secondly, it's 2013, and BlackBerry should know better than to release something that would (for thousands of customers) restart for no reason when there are countless numbers of people relying on the device to do business.

    Yes it's ok if you have a first generation revolutionary device with problems, but IT IS NOT OKAY 6 years after similar level smartphones have been out.

    I realize this is a BB fan site and I would love for my (second) Z10 to work flawlessly too, but it is simply not the case. Stop making excuses for a multi-billion dollar company and instead help those with problems push them to find out solutions or if not possible, then return people's money with ease.

    I saved up $650 over months and I will not be happy with BS like random black screens or reboots.
    - you seem to think iPhone had no issues when it was first released and that is simply WRONG.
    - no wait ... you think it was okay for iPhone to have issues because it was the first of its kind. Apparently you're not aware of the Palm Treo. Inferior? Yes, but still predates the iPhone.
    - even still, your argument is flawed. If BlackBerry had 6 years to perfect its product, then so too did Apple or are you under the impression that iPhone is at this date without issues?
    04-20-13 04:58 PM
  15. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Still bro not like extensive research but atleast a few reviews even if they are biased, one or two videos. I would never ever buy anything without researching first. I just don't see how you walk in to a store after seeing a phone commercial and saying "I want that One!" it doesn't make sense to me.

    Posted via CB10
    I feel you. I research to the point of insanity. I don't get how folks see something shiny and pick it up, virtually unknown.

    But I think some people will give BlackBerry that chance, especially with its reputation.
    04-20-13 05:02 PM
  16. tphp's Avatar
    We sent men to the moon using computers a Commodore 64 would have ran rings around, it's 2013 yet not one company can make a smartphone without glaring issues like random reboots. A pretty sad state of affairs really.
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    04-20-13 05:05 PM
  17. IgotsThis's Avatar
    I feel you. I research to the point of insanity. I don't get how folks see something shiny and pick it up, virtually unknown.

    But I think some people will give BlackBerry that chance, especially with its reputation.
    Exactly bro, i spent hours researching so I knew exactly what to expect. It's a damn good phone and its a shame because some have a few issues or big issues they generalize that blackberry sucks, yeah it sucks you're having issues but there is ways of fixing them, even if it means sending it to blackberry.

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    04-20-13 05:09 PM
  18. IgotsThis's Avatar
    Idk if anyone got their hands on a galaxy s2 when it came out but it had its fair share of issues, and now look its at s4, the s3 also has it issues still so get off blackberries case.

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    04-20-13 05:13 PM
  19. jay_men's Avatar
    Totally agree. The entire "BB10 is a brand new OS" excuse is completely bogus. The fact of the matter is that BlackBerry had years to research and plan. To compare BB10 to the first generation iPhone is a complete joke which has zero credibility. Imagine Samsung making the same excuses for their devices like it was somehow okay to put out a half-assed device because it is a brand new OS.

    I'm thrilled that BlackBerry has apparently fixed a bunch of issues with BlackBerry 10.1. Too bad it wasn't right the first time. Hopefully 10.1 fixes the issues so many have identified and that it will spur if the needed level of enthusiasm to get the app deficit under control.

    Posted via CB10
    At most it took 3 years for BlackBerry to develop the current BB10 based on QNX. The PlayBook OS was actually the first try using QNX but obviously BlackBerry felt they needed to start again with this iteration. How is it supposed take to build a OS? I would agree with you if they continued with BBOS7 and just updated it but they didn't. I think it's valid to compare BB10 to the first generation iOS and even the first generation Android OS. The work required to build an OS or even an application from the ground up is very different from updating it version to version. Also we must take into consideration the security considerations that BlackBerry puts into their OS compared to their competitors. Speaking of Samsung, it must be nice for a company like Samsung having someone else build their main OS for them. I wonder how they're doing with their upcoming Tizen OS. I guess that might be a better comparison with BB10 and we probably can't compare it with the Firefox or the Ubuntu OSes because they're not big companies?

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    04-20-13 05:15 PM
  20. IgotsThis's Avatar
    Lol the Firefox OS looks crappy as hell, and I love their browser, so just an example.

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    04-20-13 05:17 PM
  21. ray689's Avatar
    I don't know why people are mad at the OP when he is just stating his problems and would like them to be fixed or his money back. When I had my BlackBerry, I had nothing but problems as well. The Bluetooth quit working, the keyboard's keys started sticking, it was infinitely rebooting all throughout the day, and the signal was degrading. It was my 3rd BlackBerry of that model so I know it wasn't just a bad phone. When I was hoping it would be resolved with an OS update (from 4.6 to 5.0) RIM/BlackBerry said they decided that they wouldn't be updating my specific phone model and were only updating the Bold and Curve devices. It is unacceptable and it's the reason why I left RIM/BlackBerry for the iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy S III. They all just work, and I don't have to hope for basic functionality issues to be fixed - they will. The same unfortunately cannot be said about BlackBerry.
    No one is getting mad at the OP but given the many threads about this, we all know if all he wants is a solution to his problem or his money back then he's not gonna get it here. He either has to go to blackberry directly or his carrier. Complaining about it here is not going to help his cause.

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    04-20-13 05:25 PM
  22. litig8or98's Avatar
    I agree with OP. The "first gen" argument sometimes carries some weight, but I think when the release got pushed into 2013, Blackberry (then "RIM") gave up the option to point to BB10 as being first generation. As quoted earlier in Crackberry, Thorsten said, "We wanted to make one thing really really clear Matt. And this is this product has to be of the highest quality so there is no compromise on quality. Could we have rushed it out? Probably yes. But the point is, it's a new platform for the next 10 years. We want it to be stable. We want it to be reliable. We want it to be of high quality. And in light of this, I think a delay of two months is disappointing, and the whole team is disappointed, but they will continue working hard and get it out in the first quarter and we'll get it right."

    And to all those who deny the value of OP's comment, and claim that they don't have reboot, or other, issues, I'd remind you that there were likely a great deal of Ford Pinto drivers that could claim they've never had an explosion problem...doesn't mean it was a non-issue.

    As someone still on the fence, trying to decide what will replace my (now starting to show signs of failure) 9900, I place more value on the comments pointing out the problems, then those who would deny that the problems exist.
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    04-20-13 05:33 PM
  23. deedeebird's Avatar
    good argument.... I hate nothing more than Apple and it's basic, made-for-little-girls products but THEY WORK.
    iPhones have issues but you're probably gonna say I never have issues just like how I would tell you I never had issues with my Z10. My girlfriend, Mom, and Uncle complain how some of their apps crash or freezes. They have iPhone 5. Any phones have issues.

    Posted via CB10
    04-20-13 05:44 PM
  24. j8298c's Avatar
    Yea but the problem with that is the new age of fanboy ism,it use to be check out cnet and if they said its good to go its good to go. everyone leans one way or the other a lot of us look on here but let's be honest you can go by a review on here it's a pro blackberry site so of course it's going to be stellar reviews. So people jump on it especially those who use to have blackberrys think well they took 2 years to "perfect" the OS 2 years to get developers on board and then the day comes and it seems a lot of reboot issues, and battery pulls come on now this isn't an 8830 this is suppose to be the wave of the future. Sure iphone nor android is perfect but after two years of hype we expected a lot more at least I did, especially on the app front.
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    04-20-13 05:45 PM
  25. IgotsThis's Avatar
    The phone with no issues is amazing, but like I said before, somewhere in that mass producing assembly line they were messing up, that and the carriers trying to modify the OS, i have tmobile and for the most part I have seen few, if any, posts about issues with a tmobile z10. It's a rocky start, it happens, the updates will come, and the bugs will be rectified, as for the carrier problems, it's their fault not blackberries.

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    04-20-13 05:54 PM
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