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    I have been following this guy for sometime on Market IQ (marketwatch.com) and he always tweet back to any false negative comment made on BBRY (one of tweet reponse below).
    I am hoping that everybody that want to see BBRY succed help debank any negative report.

    Jeannie Lee
    What are you, high? Or not? The "abnormally high" BB10 return rate debate rages on. $BBRY RT: BlackBerry 10 returns aren’t too high: Analyst | Toronto Star via @torontostar

    It was put to rest this morning: http://charts.stocktwits.net/production/original_1...

    before the iPhone went on sale on T-Mobile, the company did 2 millions+ activation of older models. More than new $BBRY and Samsung...User ID:http://twitter.com/LBMS_72/User IP:
    43 Minutes Ago

    What does this means exactly? And one more thing, just because you write it don't make it true. Totally useless.......User ID:http://community.nasdaq.com/Profiles...8e5accaa1dUser IP:
    37 Minutes Ago
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    04-16-13 02:31 PM
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    Right the power!
    04-19-13 08:41 PM
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    Hahaha great.

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    04-19-13 09:00 PM

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