05-06-13 05:13 PM
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  1. pooger's Avatar
    Korean please

    Posted via CB10
    04-03-13 09:56 AM
  2. bluejae's Avatar
    been a bb user for a very long time. so when the z10 was released on tmobile, i picked it up right away. when i noticed that it didn't have korean as one of the defaults, i was taken back a little... i don't use korean a whole lot, but i used it enough to where i'm missing it a lot right now. i hope there will be updates on this soon.
    04-15-13 12:40 PM
  3. pooger's Avatar
    Still need Korean
    04-15-13 01:05 PM
  4. sandyalisoncan's Avatar
    what are these, plants to troll negative comments about BB not supporting this language? this is old news.
    04-15-13 01:22 PM
  5. sandyalisoncan's Avatar
    I'm really surprised to see that BB10 supports neither Korean nor Japanese language keyboard input out of the gate. With the global nature of business today, there is much more at stake here than just access to the Korean and Japanese smartphone markets, which I understand BlackBerry has chosen not to enter.

    This is actually quite a big deal, and something that has not (to my knowledge) been reported widely yet. I know this will be a dealbreaker for many faithful BlackBerry users (and CrackBerry readers), as I imagine it will be for many businesses with a global presence. Perhaps this is something that we could ask the intrepid CrackBerry editorial team to investigate and report on? Can we look forward to Korean and Japanese on BB10 keyboards later this year?
    i am not. i personally would like to see BB deploy cash in other areas to have a better ROI. can be everything to everyone.
    04-15-13 01:24 PM
  6. LewLew23's Avatar
    I found a great workaround for Korean input (although it isn't the best, it's still something). I downloaded the Fancy Tran app from app world. You can put the text in English, translate it, and then have it copy to your clipboard and paste it into a text/BBM/etc. Not the best solution but it's still something
    04-16-13 12:08 PM
  7. johnmoon's Avatar
    OS 10.1 comes with a korean keyboard finally
    Q10 comes with it and Z10 needs to download its leaked os at this moment
    05-06-13 01:34 PM
  8. knowledge_6's Avatar
    now that there is Korean support go bombard Kakao Talk to get on BB10
    Last edited by knowledge_6; 05-06-13 at 03:23 PM.
    05-06-13 01:47 PM
  9. blackout626's Avatar
    I'm running the leaked 10.1 on my Z10 and it has the Korean input keyboard on it. The 10.0 OS did not. Still no sign of a Japanese input though.

    Anyway, there was no way Kakao Talk was going to even consider supporting BlackBerry 10 without a Korean input option. Hopefully, now that it's officially out for the Q10 and coming soon for the Z10, the developers will think about making a BB10 version!
    05-06-13 05:13 PM
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