1. BBUK14's Avatar
    With the media guilty of hacking the phones of celebs, is the reason we see so many of them with BlackBerry 10 phones (comparatively many) because they have BES10 or something like it?

    This would seem a great bit of business and marketing if BlackBerry were to cater to celebrity mobile security - what a great way to have your devices seen in public without having to pay millions in marketing.

    Does anyone have any idea whether this is the case?

    Posted via CB10
    02-13-14 06:18 AM
  2. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Sorry, but I don't believe so.
    Maybe BES in the Cloud will be bundled later on ... we'll see.
    02-13-14 06:26 AM
  3. BBUK14's Avatar
    I'm sure they've got lots on their hands at the moment, but with the huge hacking scandals and issues between British celebs and the media, some such premium secure service would definitely be a hit. There aren't very many celebrities out there of course, in comparison to the general population, but because of their high visibility and ability to pay a premium for such a service, this would likely be a great avenue to explore.

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    02-13-14 06:33 AM
  4. BobWalker's Avatar
    Most celebrities and VIPs already use BlackBerry. They may or may not use it exclusively, but they use it for their important communication. I don't believe BlackBerry offers them a comp on the unique BBM keys and BES service. Why would they? BlackBerry is the only game in town for people who can't afford to have their communications and data compromised.
    02-13-14 08:31 AM
  5. BBUK14's Avatar
    Yes, but there is a difference between a consumer BlackBerry and one secured over an enterprise network. I was wondering about something in between for folks who could afford it. A sort of private BES10 if you will.

    Posted via CB10
    02-13-14 08:53 AM

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