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    I just need to know if complete wipe and re-installation of OS re-calibrates battery meter calculations (as they seem to be completely off now in case of my phone (shut off at 5%, charging till 87%, tried battery pulls, formatting etc. to no success at all). Battery health is 97% (though system claims it's 113%).
    Did "drain test" in Battery Guru etc. (this app shows other strange things like e.g. constant 70h till full charge all the time).

    Thanks a lot.

    PS. STL100-1 with here,
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    06-11-13 04:40 AM
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    There's no such thing.. you don't calibrate a battery.. it's a capacitor. Whoever says you can is just spreading a myth.

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    06-11-13 05:53 AM
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    As the OP says, it's not the battery that's being calibrated, it's the OS. The "health" value reported by the OS is the reflection of that calculation.

    OP: on the PlayBook things may have been different since it wasn't a removable battery, but on BB10 so far, the OS updates the calibration value (health) pretty much every time you fully recharge the device (and possibly at other times). You can observe this by doing the Export from Battery Guru and checking for the points where the health has changed... it's quite obvious, normally, and in my experience occurs within a few (5-10) minutes of the charge session completing.

    Unless yours is not doing this, the value is what the OS believes it should be. If it's clearly wrong, then either the device or the battery may have a problem. (Or there can still be OS bugs as well, of course.)

    The issue with the "70h" time left is an OS bug. Battery Guru reports the values directly from the OS, unchanged, and as it turns out on some devices/batteries the "time left" value is consistently wrong much of the time. I'm working on replacing this in future versions with one maintained by the app itself.
    06-12-13 11:38 AM
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    By the way, does your battery id (under Diagnostics in the app) show as 226 or 227? So far, all reports of the "time left" value being wrong have, I believe, been for those with a battery claiming to be a 227.
    06-12-13 11:39 AM
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    There's no such thing.. you don't calibrate a battery.. it's a capacitor. Whoever says you can is just spreading a myth.

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    Ummm, you may rate a "CrackBerry Master" rating, but you sure don't know anything about batteries. First, they are NOTHING like a capacitor. Batteries are electro-chemical storage whereas capacitors are electrostatic. Also, battery calibration refers to teaching your device (handheld, laptop, etc.) the discharge pattern of your battery so %remaining estimates are more accurate.

    Most laptops can be calibrated this way with the proper utilities. OP was asking if this is possible with his Z10 too.
    06-22-13 02:19 PM
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    I have been having the same issue for months now! My battery would never charge beyond 88 percent or 86 percent.... I recently formatted my media card from within the Z10 and the battery readings were 97,100,98 but it has recently dropped back to 94. The battery guru shows the capacity as 110 % .... i have given up i don't know whats the source of this issue...if i knew i could have gone and got it repaired!!

    Did you find a fix?
    12-04-13 01:21 PM

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