04-21-13 10:41 PM
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  1. digitalman101's Avatar
    Of course all have issues. My BMW with 90 000 km got a engine replacement last summer ... my Renault got several turbo replacements... my previous android phone was not stable and had to make factory resets once in awhile... etc

    Time to market is short and race to innovation is nuts...

    Anyways, no major issues with my lovely Z10

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    04-20-13 05:27 AM
  2. ilikebacon's Avatar
    I like that the op pointed out that all brands have their various issues and bugs.
    My biggest issue with my 9850 atm, is that it's not a Z10.

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    04-20-13 05:46 AM
  3. Duffman19's Avatar
    Is it too much to ask for a perfect phone

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    04-20-13 05:51 AM
  4. unbreakablej's Avatar
    It doesn't make it ok for BlackBerry to have problems. I think what op is trying to say, to all those people coming here to complain, that it is not that z10 sucks or blackberry sucks that there are problems with it it just happens that there are always problems. So by moving to a different OS just because this one gives you problem does not guarantee you 0 problems after... u might still have problems with your new phone.

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    04-20-13 06:41 AM
  5. AliNSiddiqui's Avatar
    Barely anyone even understood the SIII keyboard issue... LMFAO

    SIII does have many issues but that one was pretty lame...
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    04-20-13 07:03 AM
  6. Sirhill's Avatar
    Any idea how many blackberry loyalists don't care about what problems other platforms are having? I don't want an iPhone, nor do I want a DROID. Never once did I say my z is junk or anything like that. Can you tell me you don't get sick of hearing "well the iPhone didn't have copy/paste for x number of years!". So what? Has nothing to do with blackberry at all.
    I hate hearing what one phone doesn't do just as much as the next, but I am also tired of hearing about why all blackberries suck and people are going back to _______ phone because it's much better. Or all of these features that have been left out of the BB10 OS and that this a step back.

    It just makes me think did you really use the phone or are you just ******** for the hell of it. Example, lack of alarms on the new OS, I don't remember any BlackBerry I have owned to have this feature or notification sounds not being enough. What!!, BBOS 6/7 had these same issues and the fix was the exact same download the pervious sounds.

    I hate this just as much as the next man. And as a person that has used every platform I have only returned to one and that's because it fits what I do the best.

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    04-20-13 07:32 AM
  7. Bdot-1's Avatar
    Is that horse in your burger, where's the beef?
    04-20-13 07:37 AM
  8. crohns's Avatar
    I wish i could say i was shocked that people have issues with there smartphones, but i'm not. Half of the problems for most people is USER error!!!

    They blame the phone but it has nothing to do with the phone!!!
    04-20-13 08:35 AM
  9. angieberry10's Avatar
    I didn't read through all the links but I know that iPhone 4 had issues (my mom's did and we did searches on the Internet) with the proximity sensor and the lady at Verizon told me the 5 was having speaker problems.

    Patiently waiting for updates

    Lovin' my Z10
    04-20-13 09:00 AM
  10. root's Avatar
    I just did a few quick searches on Google, I searched for a few of the problems that some Z10 owners suffer from. But, instead of typing Z10, I typed iphone or Samsung, followed by the problem. I didn't bother to search for windows phone.
    Is it fair to mention that in my quick review of a few of those links that MOST people, when encountering an issue like a shutdown/reboot or any other similar problem, get told and even come to the quick conclusion that their phone needs to be replaced? Why is it, you think, that we as crackberry folk would rather spend our precious time debating a million different fixes and possibilities rather than sending our handsets back for replacement? I know what I think, but I'm interested to hear others' opinions.

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    04-20-13 09:55 AM
  11. whatsever's Avatar
    I don't bother 2 read it.

    Androids are also sometimes reset or hanging the system so that is my experience from android 1.6 to 4.2.2. .It's also the less save OS of all
    competitors but at least more renewing than apple.

    Apple is since 4.02 a terrible OS with bugs over bugs. I don't know why it's populair because it there is a brand with complaince about reception, failure reading sim-cards, Wifi problems and wifi plus it's the worst OS and it's getting old and boring.

    Android and Apple have both a huge app store and luckly there are always alternative apps.

    Windows had a bad start with OS7 but was also very quick to solve this also with 8.0 and is still renewing but is almost similair to blackberry os with a people hub and save to us ,but Blackberry is in some way better and more newer as OS in it interface.

    Still blackberry is a good OS but there are some thing to solve like copy/past etc, But it's only can get better for BB10. You look to update 10.1. It looks promising and it's going much beter than apple and ofcourse android is following in android OS 5.
    04-20-13 10:00 AM
  12. zolt11's Avatar
    Nice post OP. Z10 is amazing Considering new Os. I really do t think this phone has too many issues. The perfect phone doesn't exist.

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    04-20-13 10:05 AM
  13. fast666's Avatar
    So other phones have problems so that makes it ok for bb to have problems as well?
    Yes. The world is not perfect. That is what OP is trying to communicate. More importantly it depends upon the magnitude of problems and how the company is responding to that.

    Posted from my lovely Z10
    04-20-13 11:10 AM
  14. VR6's Avatar
    All phones and platforms have their issues but iOS and Android are more established and BB10 is brand new! Given Android is on so many devices I guess they have an excuse, but Apple? Come on get your **** together! You only have 1 phone.

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    04-20-13 11:59 AM
  15. Captain_Hilts's Avatar
    Totally agree with OP. BB10 has bugs, yes. But any attempt to exploit that fact by erroneously claiming that other phones/OSs are mostly bug-free or that it's unacceptable for a product to be released half-finished as if the Z10 WAS released half-finished have either lived a very sheltered life or are selling something. I have friends whose iPhone 4s randomly freeze for a few minutes , and my brother's Galaxy S2 has everything from random reboots to bluetooth connection issues.

    Does this make it okay for the Z10 to have a few issues? Yes, of course it does, so long as it whatever issues it has do not make the phone unusable or dangerous.

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    04-20-13 12:24 PM
  16. LordCrankypants's Avatar
    So other phones have problems so that makes it ok for bb to have problems as well?
    Doesn't make it ok necessarily, but it makes it understandable. No phone is perfect and every phone will have its fair share of problems. To expect a phone to not have any problems at all across the entire platform is unreasonable.

    It also demonstrates that BB10 is not the failure of a platform that some of these users who are experiencing these issues claim it to be, and it also shows that going to a different platform will not necessarily relieve you of said problems.

    They exist everywhere, on every platform. Things like that happen when you mass-produce something.


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    04-20-13 12:52 PM
  17. cbdwolff7's Avatar
    Thanks OP!! Good set of forum stats on issues,.. this proves every single mobile device has issues so comparatively all are in the same boat! But,.. Blackberry is the one who needs to bring back the smile here. This has egg on my face now because my Z10 keeps failing in the situations where I'm trying to sell that it's a great device. It freeze's, restarts, shuts off right in the middle of demonstrating it to a coworker or friend. The comment I here is, "you're still dealing with the crap that blackberry has always had issues with. Why would you do that? Shouldn't they have had that fixed? Why would they release the Z10 with those kind of issues? I would never buy that phone!!" It's kind of embarrassing especially when I promoted it so hard before it's release. It hurts to see them landslide in there stock and all the negativity around such a nice piece of hardware. Something needs done FAST!! IMO!
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    04-20-13 12:52 PM
  18. Ali Allen's Avatar
    Do you actually think we're the only phone with problems? Take a look....-brick_yelling.jpg

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    04-20-13 12:58 PM
  19. Frenchman75's Avatar
    What I find interesting is, with the amount of people complaining, there seems to be 10 Z10 users (no pun intended) extolling the virtues of their Z10 phone for every 1 person complaining about the issues they're having. It would seem that a lot more users are pleased with their Z10 than those not. Which begs the question...how many of these complaints are legitimate?

    While I'm sure some users are having real issues, I'm thinking the actual number of legitimate issues is quite a bit less than what is actually seen in the forums since February. It just doesn't make sense that so many people could be having no issues and are loving their phone so much, while the complaining is so spotty and short-lived. Starting to see less and less people complaining of battery issues (possibly because complainers found that the battery life actually does get better as you use it). Random reboots are even more spotty and seen less and less. Could it be that competing companies read about people having certain issues and add their own fluff complaint to make it look like more of an issue than it really is? I mean, that would make sense, as competition more than likely wouldn't keep a complaint thread fresh with continued problems from the same user. Or is that too conspiracy theory to be plausible?
    I truly believe some people are experiencing real issues with their Z10 as with any other phone. And trust me I have an iPhone 5 that I'm extremely frustrated with due to wifi issues, web browser and apps crashing all the time. I will be soon selling it and will be buying either the Z or the Q. Don't know yet.

    But you make a very good point in saying that some posts complaining about issues might not be legit. And here are a few reasons why that would be the case. Obviously there could be Android or iOS fanboys who could be posting fake issues on CB because they're starting to realize how good BB10 is and don't want Blackberry to succeed. But there is also another point that is rarely mentioned on Crackberry. Blackberry is a publicly traded company and 155 millions shares out of a total of 520 millions were sold short as at March 28 2013, which is huge. In other words for those who are not really familiar with financial markets, a significant amount of investors, including institutional and big hedge funds, are betting that Blackberry will not be able to bounce back and will eventually go bankrupt. We have seen a number of misleading statements from research firms such as Detwiler Fenton and others, indicating that Z10 sales in the US are extremely poor and return rates extremely high, to scare investors away and drive the share price down to get their clients out of their shorts positions. Those misleading and false statements have been officially denied by both Blackberry and Verizon. Blackberry has requested from the SEC to start an investigation. Bottom line, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the complaints on CB came from these same people to try and manipulate public opinion, and undermine Blackberry's comeback.
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    04-20-13 01:19 PM
  20. cd1105's Avatar
    I've had my bbZ10 for a min now. I hav absolutely no problem wit this phone. Trust me I'm a crackberry feen...a addict...all of my friends who left blackberry. all I did was let them use it! They was amazed. They couldn't believe it was a blackberry. The phone didn't hav any resets. Freezes. Nothen @ all...I'm very pleased wit it. I kno blackberry will always hav its haters...but all u crackberry users. addicts n abusers must stay strong

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    04-20-13 01:43 PM
  21. Andrew4life's Avatar
    I agree with the OP. From my experience I've had the BlackBerry 8130 and 8530 which both got into constant reboot mode after installing apps. I've had the Samsung Galaxy Prevail which would not send messages or if it did sent two or three. My iPhone never did connect to iMessages or Face Time and would not display notifications properly even with many full factory style resets. Point being all phones have issues.

    Posted via CB10
    Just wanted to add that Face Time is terrible. Doesn't connect very easily even when WiFi connection is strong on both ends.
    04-20-13 02:09 PM
  22. jesse_h's Avatar
    I'm not justifying the issues that BB has, or the issues that any smartphone has. I'm not saying that it's "ok" that BB's have issues because other devices have issues. I'm just supplying some context to those of you with a narrow mind.
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    04-20-13 03:01 PM
  23. Bobert_123's Avatar
    I wish i could say i was shocked that people have issues with there smartphones, but i'm not. Half of the problems for most people is USER error!!!

    They blame the phone but it has nothing to do with the phone!!!
    Smartest thing I've heard all day!!
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    04-20-13 03:24 PM
  24. duckduke's Avatar
    I went from BB9700 to BB9900 to Z10. So ..... I poke around here mostly.

    But .... a year ago my wife ended up with an iphone for work and a Samsung Galaxy S II SR for personal (she had been on BB). My son had also been on BB for several years and went iphone about a year ago.

    They are always coming to me with question or wanting me to fix something. I just say "sorry ...... I know BB. I don't know what to tell you."

    Then about 2 weeks ago my wifes Galaxy S II was going nuts using data. Contacted ATT and they were useless. Problem is she exceeded her 3G plan and had hardly been using the phone.

    So I start searching around and found a data monitor in the Play store. It was almost all email eating the data..... but she wasn't hardly using any email on the phone.

    Then I go to androidcentral and phandroid and what do a find. A rath of problems and whinners. I looked pretty similar to here.
    ---- this is flawed
    ---- this doesn't work
    ----my phone is locked up
    etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

    Any way ...... I searched around and found some solutions and the Galaxy S II is back in good shape.

    Most of the problem from my view......... USER ERROR
    --people don't take the time to learn their device
    -- they don't understand things like permissions and other settings
    If the phone is working they are fine. As soon as something happens or something doesn't work the way they think it should, they want to find someone to blame.

    There was a guy here last week hollaring about BB being so screwed up because he couldn't add a new contact from the phone dial. Then after many posts with others bitchin .... someone posted how to do just what they had been complaining about. It was there the whole time and I didnt have a clue...... I never tried or had the desire to add a new contact from the dial pad. I do now and posted a screen shot with the icon and directions. Needless to say ...... that thread died pretty quick.

    Anyway ........ it's true .... there are plenty complaining on every device and OS.

    NOTE: Another prime reason .... many people don't waste their time to come to these sites UNLESS they have a problem. This is another primary reason for all the whinning. People usually don't spend a lot of time coming here so they can tell everyone how much they love there phone.
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    04-20-13 03:43 PM
  25. deezy87's Avatar
    Nice post OP. Z10 is amazing Considering new Os. I really do t think this phone has too many issues. The perfect phone doesn't exist.

    Posted via CB10
    If it is perfect for you, it exists! lol
    04-20-13 03:55 PM
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