1. searcherrr's Avatar
    Is there any way to keep the z10 from dialing immediately when you tap someone's name/phone# in the call log?

    IE: You wanna be able to tap the call and see when it happened etc.. instead of it dialing out immediately.

    Can this be changed in the preferences somewhere?
    04-30-13 11:00 AM
  2. lengend's Avatar
    In 10.1 gives you the option to call or cancel if tapped.

    Posted with my Z10 via CB10
    04-30-13 11:02 AM
  3. searcherrr's Avatar

    Where is the preference setting for me to change this?

    FYI - i just updated to the latest OS on the Z10 yesterday.
    04-30-13 11:20 AM
  4. DocDRM's Avatar
    This will be a most welcome change, especially with the end call button problems. Has caused me a lot of hassles.

    Posted via CB10
    04-30-13 11:35 AM

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