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    Guys I urgently need help to sort my Z10 out. I want to copy files off my Z10 using drag and drop through windows. NOT the files in the sd card but the files on the device itself.

    How do I do this so I can see the device as a drive under windows?

    Doing my head in now

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    02-04-14 11:00 AM
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    Guys I have noticed under my computer (win 7) where two mapped network drives appear with my files!

    One drive is the sd card and the other is device data.

    Copying my files off as we speak.

    This is as good as resolved!

    Never using Link to back up and restore as it it always causes my phone to have crap battery life

    Gonna backup my files, wipe the device and load the stuff on manually.

    Device file access help-img_20140204_171044.jpg

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    02-04-14 11:11 AM

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