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    Anyone know if this is the same type of problem Apple just had to fix? The SSL issue?

    Is BlackBerry going to fix this issue with BB10 A.S.A.P. ?

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    03-12-14 08:55 AM
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    I dont see any link etc. Can you please elaborate on what you are talking about?
    03-12-14 09:18 AM
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    Found a link
    BB10's 'dated' crypto lets snoops squeeze the juice from your BlackBerry €“ researcher € The Register

    original post is from CB forums
    The "secure" BB10 OS is not great at establishing secure connections because it uses dated protocols - BlackBerry Forums at CrackBerry.com

    BlackBerry is aware and working on this. If you look though (and scroll down on the test) it says the device is NOT vulnerable to BEAST attacks. I have contacted the author with this:

    In your recent BB10 article you did not speak correctly. The BB10 device browser is NOT subject to BEAST attacks. From the howsmyssl.com test site:

    "Your client is not vulnerable to BEAST attack. Whitle using TLS 1.0 in conjunction with Cipher-Block Chaining cipher suites, it has impletemend the 1/n-1 record splitting mitigation"

    Please update your article to reflect this.

    Please keep comments to the original thread.
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    03-12-14 09:20 AM

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