1. loubies's Avatar
    I know how to copy a text to the "clipboard", e.g. from a webpage, by touching and holding on the text I want to copy. Then touching the text again to slide out the side menu and selecting the Copy command... Fine.

    What I cannot find is how to then paste that text into another app. For example, if I "copy" a phone# from a webpage, how do I paste it on the phone Touchpad's entry field, or if I copy a web address how can I paste it on the Browser's address field ?.... This is a very basic and useful feature I use all the time in the Torch 9860... but it doesn't seem to be available in the Z10 STL-100-3 ?

    Any suggestions ?
    04-27-13 11:37 PM
  2. Douken's Avatar
    To paste a phone number either write in the browser in the following format "Tel:xxxxxxxxx" press enter and it will ask you if you want to dial. Press yes and that's it .


    Wait for the next update coming in the following weeks and you will be able to paste directly to the dial pad.

    Posted via CB10
    04-27-13 11:53 PM
  3. droggy66's Avatar
    Paste is just press and hold on the screen in address bar or wherever and the option come up

    Posted via CB10
    04-27-13 11:57 PM
  4. Innovatology's Avatar
    Try Clipboard Dialer, it scans your clipboard for phone numbers and allows you to call or text them, add to contacts etc. Also works by selecting a paragraph or two in your browser or e-mail, tapping the selected text and sharing it with Clipboard Dialer.
    04-28-13 05:13 AM
  5. loubies's Avatar
    Thanks droggy66! This works, at least for pasting text on a document or in the address field of the browser. The feature doesn't work on the dialpad screen though. So it seems that I'll have to add the Clipboard Dialer suggested by Innovatology or wait to see whether it's included in 10.1...
    04-28-13 06:30 PM

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