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    Guy that I work with has a iphone. I have my ol 9900 . He always talking mess about how blackberry is wack etc, etc... at work im always on crackberry and he's like "dude blackberry sucks ****" I'm like no it doesn't you iphag. So this was going on for about the last year as I waited always watching the Z10 videos and planting bugs in his ear saying "Just you wait, im telling you". The day it comes out for tmobile I grab one and start showing it off. I'm sure like all you do.
    Well guess who went to the park with his kids had his iphone in his back pocket and broke it. That guy.
    I get a text around 11pm Sunday. Telling me to guess what kind of phone he was texting me from? Yup he got a Z10. The story doesn't end there. He tells me he's "Trying it Out" yatta yatta yatta.
    The other day one of the people we work with asks him what phone does he like better and think is better. And he admitted defeat and said the blackberry.
    I was ear hustling and heard him say it. I didn't rub it, in like I should have. I just sat at my desk knowing. We are both in sales, I out sold the salesman. Wasn't hard because the product is solid and it's somthing I believed in and bam closed his *** without him even knowing. Keystone smooth.

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    04-25-13 06:44 AM
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    Awesome story. I read so much trash talk online about the BlackBerry 10, but I hear a lot of good things in person.

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    04-25-13 06:47 AM

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