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    I synced my contacts with my PC using Link and now all my contacts on my Z10 show "Links(2)" in the contacts app. Why doesn't BlackBerry just make it a traditional sync where the field values are synced up depending on the update date. Let me tell you the way the Z10 handles contacts frustrates me to no end.

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    10-31-13 10:24 PM
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    I actually prefer it this way as it allows me to see what account the contact is missing from.

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    10-31-13 11:28 PM
  3. wg7's Avatar
    Then I sync my contacts to my car and any linked contact shows up double. So even though the contact is linked it's really stored as a seperate list.

    I would prefer to look at my BlackBerry contacts as the "permanent final" contact that can get updates from or propagate updates out to other sources. But it should be configurable at the source and field level. So for example, if I set Facebook as a source to a contact my BlackBerry contact would receive updates from that source which in this case would be unidirectional. The Facebook contact wouldn't show up as a seperate linked contact on my phone but would feed updates such as new photos to my local contact.

    Also, I should be allowed to select other contacts to add to BlackBerry from other sources such as Facebook but they wouldn't automatically be brought over as a set and if I select one then it would be stored as a primary BlackBerry contact with an update source set as facebook.

    If I sync my contacts to my Windows Contacts or desktop Outlook this would be a bidirectional sync where a field updated on Windows would update on my BlackBerry and the opposite direction.

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    11-04-13 07:08 PM

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