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    Can anyone explain why some of my contacts get duplicated sometimes up to six times in my contact list? Some also get altered where the last name is repeated (First, Last, Last....) or the last name goes away completely.

    Its not all contacts and I can not understand which ones will be targeted so I can not determine the cause.

    Oh yeah as I am going through deleting the duplicates, I look back and some randomly re-appear even as I had just seconds ago deleted them.

    Hugely fruatrating! Is this happening to anyone else?

    Any ideas on what is happening but more importantly how to stop it. It's really annoying to fix every single day, some days my contact list will double in number without any input from me.

    I am sorry if this had been addressed. I did search first.

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    02-01-14 08:56 AM
  2. Techno-Emigre's Avatar
    I had this happening and couldn't help asking why I was having to waste my time on something that should be so easy for BlackBerry to prevent. Sorry you are experiencing this.
    There are some good threads on this you really need to find. Maybe try the search term "duplicate contacts" or something similar.
    I stopped it by giving up on using BlackBerry Link to sync with Outlook. I really needed it, but Link seems hopeless. That is not an acceptable fix, and it seems I remember some more functional suggestions in some of the threads. Maybe some kind, more knowledgeable CrackBerrian will drop by that can be more helpful. Good luck with it.

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    02-01-14 12:16 PM
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    I beg to differ about the usefulness of Link. If you have the newest OS on your phone and the newest version of Link on your computer, the sync with MS Outlook is perfect.

    But there is something you need to be aware of: BB10 obtains the info to display in the Contacts app from various sources:

    - any email account on the phone where you have specified to sync contacts from that email account,

    - Twitter,

    - Facebook,

    - Skype,

    - your simcard,

    - any contacts that have been saved on the phone's internal memory (referred to as "local" contacts),

    - your MS Outlook contacts sync'd via Link,

    - and other similar sources on your phone.

    As far as I know, there are some contact sources where you cannot delete a contact without going to the online source itself... such as Twitter. For example, if you delete a Twitter contact from your BlackBerry Contacts app, that action doesn't delete that person from your list of people you follow on Twitter. So, the next time your phone syncs with Twitter, that contact you just deleted will re-appear. To really delete that person from the Contacts app, you have to go into Twitter and delete that person from your Twitter profile.

    To make your contacts a little less cluttered, the BB10 Contacts app has an "automatic" linking feature such that if it sees one contact with the same first and last name and/or the same phone number and/or the same email address as another contact, then the app itself will link them into one contact.

    You can also manually link up the duplicates by selecting one of the duplicates and tapping "edit" then "link" then "add new link" then select the duplicate contact you want to link with it.

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    02-01-14 02:02 PM
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    For me Skype contacts get dublicated each time I sign in to stupid Skype. When I deleted skype I fortunately got rid of this amazing!! functionality.

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    02-01-14 02:27 PM
  5. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    ... Some also get altered where the last name is repeated (First, Last, Last...) or the last name goes away completely...
    In this case, you simply have to edit the affected contact and make sure the first name and last name are entered correctly. The next time you sync with MS Outlook, it should straighten it out.

    Plus, you might want to go thru your contacts on Outlook and make sure no errors have crept in there. Once you are certain your contacts in Outlook are correct, (no duplicates, no mixed up names), you can perform a one-way sync from Outlook to your phone.

    But don't forget, you still need to manually "link" any FB,TW,Linkdn,etc contacts that are also listed in your Outlook contacts.

    Another confusing thing is the simcard contacts. If you have a lot of contacts on your simcard, you can display them in the Contacts app, or change the setting in Contacts so they don't display. But... whether they display or not, if some of those simcard contacts are "linked" with other contacts, that link is not broken and the simcard data will still display for that contact. You can verify this for any particular contact by checking the link info (tap "Links" at the bottom of the contact screen).

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    02-01-14 02:37 PM
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    For me Skype contacts get dublicated each time I sign in to stupid Skype. When I deleted skype I fortunately got rid of this amazing!! functionality.

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    I think you're right about this... the skype contacts somehow seem to get mixed up. I've also deleted skype and just use bbm video with family. If I need to skype with a non-BBMer, I have my laptop for that.

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    02-01-14 02:40 PM
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    Thx. I delete Skype and corrected the names that went sideways somehow and so far so good. Thx again.

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    02-02-14 05:44 PM

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