04-11-13 09:40 PM
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    Verizon is a pawn for android. They don't have an incentive to push out the latest updates for competing phones unless it costs them money. Until they get these updates out, some Z10 users are going to just get frustrated.
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    04-11-13 08:10 PM
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    I agree with majority....these posts are getting old....I'll never buy an Apple product as I don't support paying slave wages to Chinese teenagers
    you do know some of the circuits and components in the blackberry are made in china right?

    its just probably assembled in mexico. thats why it says made in mexico.
    04-11-13 08:11 PM
  3. CaptrfsBB's Avatar
    You got a bad OS/Verizon setup. or bad phone. I have 2 Z"s mine and Wife, now 700 hours of use in past 6 weeks, Not one issue, of anything..We have several email accts, txting etc,
    I bought my phone from Canada, unlocked, I'm US AT&T .. Don't Give up, The Verizon tech is wrong about "known Issue" You should have 30 days free exchange. Get a good Z10, if it does the same thing, then you know it's Verizon's issue!

    ps. change carrier, go unlocked
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    04-11-13 08:22 PM
  4. ch97128's Avatar
    What!....BB can not afford for people to be say "well the phone is not for everybody"....don't they get that.....they did not have the option of releasing a average phone.....The Z10 needed to be a beast!....A super, super phone on steroids....and its not even close......man looks what's coming....SG4, HTC one, Hell my DNA has a 1080p 5" gorilla glass 2 display, 1.5ghz, 2GB ram and it's last years phone. WTH!!!! and folks who post criticism on this site is not all trolling.....they are pissed, like I am....I was a true fan boy until the release of this phone....(curve 8900, Bold 9700, Torch 9800, PB 16GB, Torch 9860)......and I didn't have to get use to this phone....I never used Android before, always blackberry since 2009, but it only took me 2 days to have it down and totally love it......So this crap about giving the phone time is bull!!!!!. Get it together blackberry......

    I blame Kevin, Blaze, and all those guys for not giving them hell when they were hearing about what was coming down the pike....Listen, I just want them to crush everybody....and I mean everybody.....I just don't know what they are doing. Come on Thor!
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    04-11-13 09:10 PM
  5. GrahamGrey's Avatar
    Hear hear!
    What happens if the OP gets a dud iPhone or Android device?
    Back to a pager and a quarter looking for a pay phone booth?
    I've had five cellphones over the years... 2 were defective and I returned them for the same model at the time.
    Even my first playbook had a defective screen. BB sent a new one and the replacement works great.

    Did you not entertain the possibility that your phone was defective? If you wanted to "really try" then you should have taken it back for a new one. I wish you luck on whatever phone you decide on but anyone who has ever owned a cellphone before EVER knows that lemons are in every basket. If you want justification in switching to another phone, you'll have to find it elsewhere other than "all of BlackBerry's devices are crappy."
    04-11-13 09:38 PM
  6. cbdwolff7's Avatar
    OK I tried .. I really tried. Got my Z10 10 days ago and was really enjoying learning about my new toy .. and saying i will never go back to the BB Bold. BUT .. first the phoen got very hot when I put it in my pocket and the battery drained very quickly .. I tried a PowerSkin but it just made the phone even hotter to the point that it was uncomfortable even in a blazer pocket. THEN .. a couple of times over the past few days my contacts disappeared ... then a few hours later reappeared but now in triplicate. My wife said I sent three of the same txts when I only sent one. Then the phone just rebooted on its own.

    I called Verizon tech support who told me these are all known issues BUT there is no schedule from BB with respect to when an update will come out to correct them.

    Sooo .. when I lost my contacts for the second time yesterday I had it. I am sending the Z10 back and will now try the Iphone5. Too bad too since I was really cheering BB on with this phone .. but it is not ready for critical use.
    I had the same issues!! Verizon said send back and we will send you a new one. My second one has been a charm. I have 37 apps on it, I sideloaded 2 apps and it rocks. The battery is giving me all day use, no heat. I'm at 13 hrs now and 27% battery remaining. Don't throw in the towel so easy. Hope your new iphone doesn't discourage you!! It did me. BB all the way all day!!
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    04-11-13 09:40 PM
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