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    So long story as short as I can make it...

    I had an iPhone for three years and accumulated about 100 or so contacts, I went to an android phone and had a heck of a time trying to put contacts on by syncing with Gmail, then trying a vcard. The vcard wasn't picking up all the contacts. When I transferred my contacts from my iPhone to my blackberry I have a bunch of duplicates and my linkedin contacts are mixed in. I'm an organized person and really want my contacts to be organized and perfect.

    What I want to know I'd what is the best way to start over. Do I manually enter my contacts into my outlook program then they are there to back up every time. Do I enter then into my Hotmail account so their are there to sync. What is the best way to organize the contacts for easy backup

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    04-19-14 10:26 AM
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    In blackberry world there is a couple really good apps, contactx and max contact mgr, they save your contacts to your sd card, you can merge and delete.
    it's the only ones I use, and I have over 500 contacts.

    Also go into your settings and turn on the only ones you want to see.
    04-19-14 10:33 AM
  3. RedDawn289's Avatar
    I want to start over and enter my contacts in somewhere centralized like outlook so their backed up and on my phone and on my hard drive.

    I always thought blackberry was the king when it came to contacts. I still think this is the case it's getting it all sorted out

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    04-19-14 11:38 AM
  4. anon721037's Avatar
    The problem with that, is when I do it and they sync I get 1500 contacts.
    I think they want only one to be working at a time.

    Posted on CB10 with my iPad, but I have a Z30 ha ha the best phone ever.
    04-19-14 11:40 AM

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