1. tomdooley's Avatar
    Hey guys, I was making full use of the Mobile Passport and browsing the Apple site forums, and I saw a review for attachable joysticks that could be used with the iPhone.
    Does anyone have any idea if the L-series would be compatible with such attachments?
    Does the joystick connect to the phone in any way, or will it by way of some simulation of touch, affect the games? Are these just clip on joysticks?
    I think these joysticks will somehow cause the actions of fingers, and please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Here is a link to one:
    Stick on joysticks turn your iPhone into a gaming machine | DVICE
    12-16-12 12:38 PM
  2. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    They've been around for a bit. Haven't gotten around to trying one, but I like the idea. Would be sweet with all the cool emulators we have going for the PB. They don't plug in so it should work with any touchscreen really
    12-16-12 01:12 PM
  3. dentynefire's Avatar
    Gamepad controllers - Game developers can now receive gamepad and joystick events using the Screen and Windowing Library. Discovering gamepads and handling gamepad input events is done the same way as with other touch events. The SteelSeries Free, Gametel, and Nintendo Wiimote controllers all work out of the box with this API. Bluetooth HID gamepads are also supported.

    Still have to wait for L series to drop though.
    12-16-12 01:27 PM
  4. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Yeah wireless is cool but the op was talking about the stick-on joysticks. No api's necessary
    dentynefire likes this.
    12-16-12 01:35 PM
  5. Harborcoat's Avatar
    I have suction cup buttons for my Playbook. They work pretty decently but I'd rather just play games on a console.
    12-16-12 07:31 PM
  6. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Nice, which one did you end up gettng?
    12-17-12 06:51 AM
  7. Darlaten's Avatar
    I am loathe to link or refer anyone to something that Joystiq has done given their blatant hatred and bias against covering, mentioning, or acknowledging, Blackberry products in terms of mobile gaming, but I thought users looking for a gamepad for their device might find this video interesting:

    Moga Pro controller makes Android games better | Joystiq

    I wrote to PowerA - the company behind the Moga Pro gamepad - regarding whether they will be working on making their gamepad work with Blackberry products - no response yet.

    What's also an very interesting idea from the video is that PowerA created an A that specifically comes through the Android app store to find games that are compatible with their joystick. This was done to make it easier for users to find compatible games. I would love to see something like that brought out for our storefront so that it's easier to find gamepad supported games.
    04-24-13 08:28 PM

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