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    ...is more difficult than I previously thought.

    I got my Z10 as a Xmas present. I'm/was using a Samsung Wave 1 with bada OS 1.2. I planned to slide my SIM into the Z10 and away we go. Far from itÖ In fact, Iím shocked how empty and talentless the Z10 is on its own. Or how scintillating the out-of-box-performance of the Wave was Ė especially when I bought it in 2010. Now I'm flippin' my SIM between the Z10 and the Wave until I can move out completely of it.

    What I got from the Z10 so far?
    - a wonderful browser, which is on par with any desktop browsers (except for blacklisting cookies for a given site)
    - a smooth OS with great potential
    - absolutely fantastic, functional keyboard with excellent predictive input
    - quite nice screen, although it has a spot where I can see the liquid crystals slosh around when I tap the screen somewhere else
    - good build quality, but the backside has an issue
    - good sound quality of the body, but low speakerphone volume
    - a unique, proud ownership experience, which fades a bit when I think of the below listÖ

    Bada is a neat, slick OS which was a promising experiment from Samsung. In 2010 we couldn't expect that the Koreans will abandon their own child, or trying to transform it to something called Tizen. The Wave itself is a very clever, high quality piece and exactly this is my main problem, as I have to comprehensively dress up the Z10 just to regain my formerly used functions (ifÖ).

    To get to a point where I can start to live with a phone, it has to be able to do things that I'm using. So the first steps were made to ensure the features & functionality of the Wave. And I'm stuck. Positively saying, it's a partial success. Real world concerns: I miss a TON of things (in no particular order):

    - battery life: with the Wave I got 3 solid days, with the Z10 only one-and-a-little
    - no swipe-to-call, or swipe-to-text (left: text, right: call) - a very intuitive, clever feature; I made accidental calls with other OSs which require a simple touch to call
    - slow motion recording (60fps)
    - selectable picture & video resolution/size - as I don't need 8mp pics
    - selectable image & video quality (normal/fine/superfine)
    - selectable image & video pre-adjustment (contrast/saturation/sharpness)
    - blink detection
    - smile detection
    - scenes (portrait/landscape/night/sports/party/indoor/beach/snow/sunset/dawn/fall color/firework/text/candlelight/against light)
    - camera guidelines
    - selectable/mute-able shutter sounds
    - panorama shots (horizontal/vertical)
    - camera timer (2/5/10 secs)
    - extensive picture effects/processing with 47 different features (Z10ís not bad, just way less); all gone from bada 2.0 Ė donít askÖ
    - the camera has excellent low light sensing capability as you can brighten up a totally black night picture with 2-3 easy steps; the final pic has a greenish tint to it, but the environment is clearly visible
    - image and video effects (sepia/watercolour/bw/negative)
    - movie maker (low resolution, but still)
    - configurable audio player, with equalizer, 5.1, sound effects, and integrated music recognition
    - configurable video player which plays basically all the available formats, except flv; 5.1 sound
    - browser with built-in ad blocker
    - extremely simple USB mode/mass storage Ė usable as a pendrive/external drive even when not set to mass storage mode
    - dual mode 3.5 jack (earphone/video out Ė not necessary to change the whole electronic environment to HDMI)
    - selectable PAL/NTSC TV out signal
    - absolutely creak-free build quality
    - smart Space button on the keyboard, which contains the keys . , - ? @ ! which again, very intuitive; double tap is the same as on BB
    - similarly when you long press the .com button, alternatives (.org/.eu, etc.) appear and you can select them easily Ė but the Z10ís predictions easily counters this particular feature
    - keyboard configurable to keypad/Qwerty/handwriting/swype
    - fully configurable, pre-recordable fake call
    - FF/RWD when holding the Prev/Next buttons
    - the most intuitive and precise Route 66-based navigation compared to my Igo, TomTom, Wayteq systems
    - factory voice recorder
    - circular loop main icon screens (with similar direct access dots for each screen)
    - different sound profiles
    - raising melody ringtone setting (selectable/configurable according to the exact needs of mentioned profiles)
    - screen brightness on 1 is equal of the Z10 on about 80%
    - configurable double-tap with the main button (video/smart search/email/clock/accounts/games)
    - etiquette mode (hushed sounds when facing down)
    - automatic speakerphone when putting down
    - physical Accept button opens call list
    - physical Reject button closes apps, so there is no need to close the background processes one-by-one like on iOS/Android/BB10 Ė if you want to multitask, just use the main button
    - SOS/Kidnap mode: it sends out a text message to 4 people I specify, the phone goes into SOS mode and silently auto answers calls from only those people who got the SMS, so the caller can hear the environment of the kidnapped person. To activate it, you have to press the volume key 4 times while the phone is locked
    - I can sort every file list as I wish; I donít have to face the ĄrecentĒ tab, just to switch to my preferred date-based
    - playing of swf image files

    Ummm, thatís it I think. Of course, there are some negative aspects of owning a Wave:

    - browser with far too limited memory capacity
    - no full Flash, just Flash Lite
    - bada 2.0 is extremely mutilated in comparison to 1.2, so never upgraded it Ė yet the majority of apps run on 2.0 only
    - no folders for icons on the main screen
    - useless native Facebook app (no problem, because Iím not registered on Facebook)
    - Samsung Kies was crappy at the start, but due to frequent updates it works absolutely OK now
    - there is no stepless zoom, only rough detents
    - exposure can be adjusted only when the stabilizing is off
    - native call recording is available in certain countries; Hungary wasnít among them
    - no full backup capability
    - too little RAM Ė as it has 512 Mb, only 256 is accessible, because the other half is reserved for the OSí service layers, libraries and default bada apps (still, itís smooth and not laggy at all, beating dual/simpler quad core Droids)
    - tinny sound of the metal body
    - low-ish reception sensitivity
    - the platform is dead now

    Iím wondering when Iím reading about an OS slowing down or Ąwow, Iím using it XX days straightÖĒ. I never switch my phone off or restart it intentionally. Yes, it sometimes hangs/restarts, but Iím talking about 3-4 month intervals.

    Iím using my Wave quite heavily. I have around 90 apps on it. I donít use FB and Google services (except for searching). Iím using it as a phone, working a lot with various Word, pdf, ppt documents, videos, use it as a video signal source for my pico projector when Iím teaching, and of course Iím utilizing the abilities of the camera quite extensively. I donít chat any more on it and never listen to the built-in radio at all. Iím not using any widgets any more (I have 12 on it), so my phone usage definitely leans towards the hardware/utility side.

    As of now, Iím on on the Z10, but I hope that 10.2.1 and 10.3 will bring on some more functionality of my beloved old Wave. Hopefully, when the Android store opens, my main concerns will be addressed and the Z10 is gonna be a neat little feature-professor. It would be better to have apps which install right INTO the native apps (similarly to Firefox add-ons) and I donít have to keep for example 3-4 video players on board. Native things for me are indications of a well thought out, and even better integrated system. Having apps for everything is just like a car with full of cheap aftermarket parts; from raccoon tails, to pink window cranks, 30-inch wheels, woodie sides, and cardboard spoiler kits. Yes, they have a right to exist, they just not doing it in an elegant way.

    How do you guys abandon your old phones?
    01-25-14 10:25 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Things do get better on 10.2.1 you should give it a whirl. I find BB10 the most complete out of OSs I have. I have 3 Android, 1 BBOS and 1 WP8 phones.

    The BB10 if it has the same size as my note 3 I would have made it my main phone. Until then ... I still need my phablet.
    01-25-14 11:21 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    "How do you guys abandon your old phones?"

    You just do it. But periodically still b1tch about the features missing from the prior OS (and the loss of the full bridge between bb10 and the playbook).
    01-25-14 11:56 PM
  4. godsfantasy's Avatar
    All very neat features (ones that are missing). Honestly, I think the Galaxy S4 would have been better for you. It is much more feature-rich.

    For the photo effects, take a look at Photo Studio for Bb10

    Posted via CB10
    01-26-14 12:19 AM

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