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    I wonder how iOS or Apple or Android will fair when it is time for them for change their operating system, it will be scary for them because they won't have an app catalog either at that point. And that point is coming faster than we think. Will these companies realize at some point that their app ecosystems will become boat anchors which are holding them back, will they begin to realize that their best option is to change as many apps as possible over to HTML5 before they have to change their OS, that tool isn't strong enough today, but it will be in the not too distant future.

    This realization has already happened at BlackBerry, they are ready and positioned to use those new Apps built for HTML5. The forces for change are al ready building, it will be interesting to watch, no wonder the competition is trying to keep them down.

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    04-15-13 08:24 AM
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    CNET and BGR both trash BlackBerry all the time. It's exhausting.

    At the end of the day it only takes a couple of people at these places to create that negativity and perpetuate the feeling. All you can do is keep slamming the articles and send feedback to the writers.

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    04-15-13 08:40 AM
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